The Family tree


Founder generation;

Our dear Rosa 😀 money problems and selfish decisions pushed her Alfie away and he ended up in prison, and turned a bit touchy when it came to her, still she managed to raise five kids on her own.

Leo, the eldest, the one with the love triangle, he loved Kylee, and he had a best friend named Rebecca who loved him, but he ended up choosing Kylee, he never knew how Rebecca felt about him. Went to become a chef.

Patrick, lover of horses, he found his soulmate on horseback, had a bit of trouble getting close, but in no time they were married and he started his own life

Aryssa, the technology hater, started out perfectly, with a straight view on her life and then her father came and gave her a whole new life, indulging her into the criminal buisiness, she ruptured all ties with her mother and set off killing and comitting crimes, personally associated herself with Selana`s soulmate, Xander.

Cole, the computer geek, he was tooken advantage on by his crush, and the only time he was a real brother to his sister was when she got into some serious trouble, he found an old acquantaince and married her, Maggie Hart.

Selana, our generation 2 heir, a tough neglected and unsocial childhood, and a teen pregnancy with an english teacher led her to be the woman she became, she got twin girls named Ashley and Angelica, and then met the man of her dreams Xander, through lots of dispute they finally found common ground and devoted their love for each other.



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