My Sims 3 Problems

I have had a few problems with the sims 3, so I’ve decided to create this page so that if people have the same problem it can help them out, or so you guys can help me out 😀

1. Sims 3 Crashing while loading (SOLVED)

– It kept crashing becomes my mods weren’t completely updated! heh…

2. Sims 3 Crashing after five minutes of game (SOLVED)

– It’s weird but my sims keeps crashing on one specific game file, I did some research concluded that it was corrupted file.

– I “saved as…” , erased all memories (that the sims randomly make, which in my opinion it was much better in sims 2), but it still crashes after five minutes, I have to save like every two minutes! And I don’t know about you guys, but it takes me forever to save!

– Okay, I think I figured it out. In that specific game file, each time I went to see a certain person, or that person came over, or I made that person in my active household, or controlled the household. Basically anything relating to that specific sim (who just happened to be Aryssa (first generation child), of course she would aim to destroy my computer), everything crashed. So I simply deleted the household, and so far my game has not crashed 😀 I consider this solved.

3. Lagging (NOT YET SOLVED)

– My game is MEGA slow! Its all jittery, and I’m seeing people’s games run so well, is it because I have a laptop?


2 Responses to My Sims 3 Problems

  1. Melanie Baker says:

    Hey, What are you using? windows Vista?
    Your laptop probably doesn’t have the graphics, or memory to run it.I’ve had to upgrade to a Windows & gaming to play,

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