Casting call :D

Alright, I constantly need sims for my legacy. So basically this will be an ongoing page where I’m asking you guys, readers, to create a sim for my legacy. I don’t care if it’s female, male, child, toddler, adult, elder, etc, I can easily fit this person in my legacy. Be aware that they can either be a main character, or a side character that’s only there for a few chapters. You don’t have to make a background and/or personallity, I can do that myself, but at the same time if you wish to, feel free to give bring your sim to life!

I just have a few things I would like;

– No CC, except for hair and eyes (though if I have to buy the hair, then never mind)

– I would really like to have an original hair color that I haven’t had yet.

– I can only download from the sims 3 website

There are also specific characters I need for my legacy sometimes that I’ll post here, if you I ask for a teen sim, and you give me adult sim, your sim will appear, but it could be for the next generation, depending on what I need right now. I’ll make sure not to make you wait two generations though 😀

– A male adult with exessively attractive features (young adult preferred)

A dark, lonely and isolated child (girl or boy it doesn’t matter)

Be aware that I only have Ambitions and Pets, when it comes to traits.


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