Chapter 2.14 – Just so damn lucky


“So what’s up grandma?” Ashley asked. (look closely at the eyes and you’ll see who’s who, also something else to differentiate them, whilst Angelica has her mother’s eyes, she actually has her father’s skin color, whilst Ashley has her mother’s skin color)

“Well I actually have something to ask of you little girls, what would you think if your mother and Xander got married?”

“Ah I love it!” Ashley exclaimed.

“And what would you think, if you could help Xander out?”

“Are you joking grandma, cause of course we wanna help!” Angelica exclaimed in turn. Rosa smiled.


“What is it Xander? You know I don’t like being kept waiting! And no I don’t want to close my eyes!”

“Ever since you got pregnant you got twice as stubborn. Just close your eyes.” Xander said with a smile.

“Fine.” Selana grumbled.

“You can open your eyes now.”


“Wow this is…when did you do this Xander?”

“Oh the kids helped :D” Xander replied, happy that Selana liked it.

“It’s so beautiful!”

“Wait what is that? Is that a picnic table?” Xander smiled again and brought Selana to the middle , right under the water sprays.

Selana sighed contentedly.

“I love you Selana.”

“I love you too Xander.” Selana said staring into her lover’s eyes.

“Xander what are you doing?” She asked as Xander let go of her.

“Just…two seconds!”

“Xander what are you doing? Did you get hurt? Did you drop something?” Selana asked. Xander smiled to himself, clueless.

“What is that in your hands?”

“No looking!”

“Xander! I want to see!”

“Here you go.”

Selana’s whole face stretched in surprise. She really hadn’t expected this.

“It’s…it’s…a…a ring!”

“Yes dear it’s a ring.”

“You don’t know just how damn lucky I am to have you Selana. And this is my way of showing it. I’ve just confirmed you love me and I’m hoping you’ll marry me.”

“You do know that rhymns right?” Selana asked while still staring at the ring.

“I know, now are you going to take this shiny thing or not?”

“Yes. Of course!”

Giggling and laughing, Xander picked her up gently and gave her a bear hug.

Selana hugged him tight, wanting to stay like this, with their unborn child between them.

The rest of the evening was spent with them eating like pigs and enjoying themselves.

And at some point, this happened.

Yeah marriage! Hopefully I’ll actually have a marriage this time. I completely forgot with Rosa last time…which lead to a new plot and a bunch of other stuff…And oh god, baby incoming. I’m so evil heheh…Adorable chapter. Of course Xander didn’t do this on his own, Ashley, Angelica and Rosa helped not to worry about that ;). Hope you like the fluff!


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  1. dburgum says:

    Oooh! Baby! I really want to know what the baby is and how it will look, even though I’m sure it will be adorable! :3

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