Chapter 2.13 – Shush! it’s a secret

HOLY MACARONI! I have over 1k views! I’m so happy!! 😀 Thnks guys! Here’s a special chapter 🙂

It’s been a year…

Two years of altogether peacefulness in the Blams household…

And in that one year…

Some things changed…

And some things, simply stayed the same.

“I’m winning!” Xander exclaimed scoring yet another point.

“Hmph, as if! I’m ahead by a point!”

“Not anymore!” Xander said as he scored again. “But if you ask nicely I’ll let you win…what with you being pregnant and all.”

“In your dreams, I am going to beat you fair and square!”

“By the way, I caught Ashley doing Angelica’s homework,” Selana started.


“Yes! I don’t know what’s up with these girls! I have a feeling Angelica’s been cheating in class too.”

“How come?”

“Her grades are the exact same as he sister’s yet her twin does all her homework. And doesn’t Angelica act a bit odd all the time? She’s always…somewhere else it seems. She never meets anyone in the eye. I’m worried something’s up.”

“Don’t worry I’m sure it’s nothing too serious.”


“ *sigh*, I think they’re onto us.”

“Oh. That’s not good.”

“Why haven’t you told them yet again?”

“Shush, Evela! I don’t want to tell them! We’ve been through this already.” Angelica (the closest to the pic) said.

“Whee! Look at how high I can go!” Evela exclaimed completely forgetting everything.

“Ha look at this, I’m higher than you Ashley!” Randell exclaimed ignoring Evela who grunted. Ashley just smiled.

“No but seriously, why aren’t you telling your mom?”

“I told you already, so stop talking about it! You’re a fool even trying to convince me to talk about it!” Angelica retorted.

“Be nice Angel,” Ashley said a little too cheerfully.

“Yeah, um…can we go do something else  now?” Randell asked.

“I think we should talk about the new baby then!” Angelica exclaimed.

“Oh yeah that’s right! I hope it’s a girl!” Ashley exclaimed.

“Huh? Why? What’s wrong with it being a boy?” Randell asked.

“Well mum’s always talking about how annoying and loud her brothers were. I want a little sister.”

“WHEEEEE!” Evela continued to swing back and forth.

“That’s not the real matter. Who’s room is it going to take, is the real matter.” Angelica stated.

“What do you mean?” Ashley asked not quite understanding, but soon enough she ‘oh’ as it came to her. Angelica explained for the sake of Randell and Evela.

“Because there are no rooms available. Xander’s room became a laundry room. And mom would never get rid of the nursery, I mean really! Hopefully the baby doesn’t take my room.”

“What are you saying you want her to take my room?”

“No I’m just kidding sis!” Angelica replied. Ashley smiled.

Yup! Aren’t they adorable!? And new baby coming up! Cannot wait to see what it looks like 😀 So it seems Ashley and Angelica decided they wanted to look exactly the same…(extra pic below just cause, angelica on the left, Ashley on the right). They also seem to have made a few friends like…Randell and Evela with their awesome hair! Yeah and they have a playground, Selana decided to buy for them. Pregnant Selana of course! It’s annoying, it seemed everytime I played my specific Blams Legacy game, my game would crash. I think I fixed it now, but EA really messed-up here for the game to crash so many times. Sigh. So very annoying. Oh yes Randell was not created by me. 😀


Oh and say hi to Anessa and Patrick’s first child! (forgot this child’s name… but look at the pretty eyes!)


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