2.12 – Now that’s what I call love

“So what do you say?”

“…” Selana was extremely confused. One he tells her he can’t, then he asks her out. She was tempted to tell him to go away and leave her alone, but she oddly like the fact that he was holding her hand. “What’s with the sudden change of mind?”

“Heh…well I was stupid earlier, I thought about something and…yeah I thought about it all. It was all because of the kiss, totally disorienting!”

Selana smiled. She couldn’t help it, now she really wanted to.

“So what do you say?” He asked giving her the cutest face ever.

“Yeah. I would love to!”

“Awesome!” This time he was the one to kiss her, he was the one to surprise and disorient her.

“Let’s go now.” Xander said.

“What?” Selana asked still a bit dazed.

“Your mom said she could take care of the twins. We have all day!” Rosa smiled, she could feel the joy from over here! She had chosen well. Now there was only one step left for Xander to do. If he failed this, their relationship would lead to ruin. Like Alfie and her’s did. She hoped Xander did the right thing, she really liked him and wouldn’t mind having him as a son-in-law.

Their date was beautiful! They took a long walk around the forest, had a picnic at the park, visited the art gallery and took a nice long walk on the beach.

“Selana there’s something I have to tell you. It’s something really important that you can’t tell anyone. Not a soul.”

“What is it?”

“I work for a government organization who kills off offending citizens. I’m basically the country’s assassin. I came here, to your home, because I was searching for your sister and father. They’ve both committed heinous crimes. Your sister worst of all. She’s done several horrible things, but I’ve made this case personal because she killed a close friend of mine. The more personal the better the assassination is what my superiors say. I haven’t been able to locate them yet though. And Selana, the boss gave me a vacation of sorts. So this isn’t my case anymore. The point of me telling you this is so…I’m always honest. This is so I can prove to you that I’m more than willing to have a lasting relationship with you.”

Selana was silent.

So basically you’re a spy/assassin after my sister? Whom I haven’t seen in awhile? Well here’s my deepest darkest secret. My twins were fathered by my English teacher without my approval.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be I’m over it. Now weren’t we having a date?”

“Heh, yeah, yeah we were.”

Oh god, is it just me or was this chapter just beautiful? Must be just me, I’m so happy they’re together though!! So so so so happy! Happier than I thought I would be. I’m getting really attached to this legacy and these sims. I hope I portrayed their love pretty well. I really hope so. Rosa oh sneaky she is 😀 She planned this all along.  Sneaky sneaky, I love Rosa.  Kay we should get some twins actions next chapter! (Somehow I managed to spit this out even with the stupid bugs, indeed my game keeps shutting down after 5 minutes)


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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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