Chapter 2.11 – It just can’t be

Xander did eventually come back. Three days later. And he came back to an annoyed Selana.

But Selana’s anger soon dissipated when she saw the big gash on Xander’s nose. Xander was more than surprised as he saw Selana’s whole body language change.

She dragged him off into the kitchen so she could clean his wounds. But he pushed her away.

“You”re hurt!”

“It’s okay, the blood already dried!” Xander replied. “Now I’m wondering why you’re up so late!”

“Waiting for you dumbo.” Xander was immediately taken aback. He had expected her to scoff and walk away, or something to show her hotheadedness. Not her being all worried about him, and suddenly very honest.


And then the weirdest thing happened. Selana started to flirt with him! Of all the unexpected things! It didn’t help him at all since for the last few months he’d been trying to deny his attraction to her.

What was she playing? He couldn’t help but succumb. But the moment that went through his head, something else went through as well.

After a good few minutes of flirting, Selana stood on her tippy-toes and planting a smooth kiss on Xander’s lips.

Xander’s eyes closed and his lips stretched slightly into a smile. He couldn`t help it. Oh how much he’d wanted this!

She pulled away looking at his face, searching for signs of…something. He kept his eyes closed savoring the small moment, because of what he was about to do. And it saddened him.

“I’m sorry Selana. I can’t.”

“I’m the one who’s sorry,” She replied her voice cracking. She hated how easily the tears were coming.

Selana left as quickly as she could, turning so Xander wouldn’t see the tears he’d made on her face. Xander’s shoulders slumped, he hadn’t wanted to do this. He didn’t have a choice!


“What?! You kissed Xander!?”

“Yes mom, but that’s beyond the point.” Selana said trying to hold back a chuckle from her mom’s reaction.

“What is the point then, sweetpea?”

“Well…he rejected me.”

“What? No I’d be surprised not Xander.”

“That’s what I thought too, but then he…he seemed to enjoy too! Oh I don’t know. I’m so confused I don’t know left from right anymore! Maybe it was too early.”

“Humph, I’ll go talk to him.”

“You’re joking right? Ha ha?”

“…I have to go, see ya!”

Rosa sighed. These kids were so hard to work with! If it wasn’t ignorance it was stupidity. Now what was it this time? Rosa knew how Xander felt about Selana and how she felt about him. It should be simple enough!

“Oh m’am, I hadn’t seen you there.” Rosa thought about it and knew what kind of man Xander was. That plus her observations led her to ask this question.

“So Alexander, what do you do for a living? Career wise?”

“Um…what?” Alexander asked mildly surprised. He’d expected it to be related to Selana.

“Your career? What is your job Alexander?”

“Oh…I’m a travel agent mam.”


“Yes.” Xander stopped blinking as he replied. But Rosa knew better.

She sighed.

“That is a lame cover story. Everybody knows it! You guys should know better!”

“I agree.” Xander was no fool. It was obvious to him that Rosa knew and that she wasn’t just bluffing. He just couldn’t admit that it was true aloud but he could confirm her suspicions.

“That’s what I thought. What I’m still wondering is wether you’re in the good or bad group.”

“I know everything about you m’am. I know you are the youngest of a family of five children. I know that you could not live up to your older siblings success so you went down instead. You dated lowly gangsters and joined the criminal business. I know that it’s the death of your mother, the only one still concerned about you, that snapped you out. You moved away when you were of age to start over again. Away from the bad neighborhood your family had descended to due to bankruptcy.  I know that you were engaged to Alfie Lakes for thirteen years before you broke it off. I know he is the father of your five children, the last three being triplets. Selana being among them. I know Alfie was arrested before the birth of the triplets and that a friend of yours named Maggie came to live with you. I know your criminal record by heart and every single penny you stole.”

“Good it is then,” She said with a smile. “I don’t think you were sent here, because I know you were sent here, you’re paid too well to have to live with others, I know you weren’t sent here for me or Selana. So is it because of Alfie? Any recent actions he has committed and you thought we might be involved?”

“Of your daughter’s, Aryssa, as well.” That stopped poor Rosa short. Aryssa did follow her father’s footsteps after all. She had tried and failed as a mother. But she still loved her daughter. Of course she did.

“Obviously you see we have no connection to them. Their location is unknown to us, so why have you stayed for so long?”

“I hadn’t expected to meet someone  like Selana.”

“I really don’t see the problem then Alexander. Why aren’t you with my daughter right now? Now that she’s realized she feels the same way?”

“…I didn’t…” For once Xander seemed destabilized as he tried to find his earlier reasoning. “It wouldn’t follow protocol to get involved.”

Rosa laughed.

“Alexander, it wouldn’t follow protocol to get involved with my other daughter, Aryssa. There is nothing that says you can’t date Selana.”

Xander paused and Rosa saw his face lit up. “Ha, you seem to know a lot m’am.” Rosa simply smiled.


YEAH! They kissed, such a pretty scene! I didn’t think it would affect me so much! Hey look at that a longer chapter! Oops didn’t I say I would stop talking about it…heh…It was Selana’s turn to eavesdrop :D, yeah not much, or more like nothing on the twins here. I can’t wait for them to grow up! But I still got a few more chapters, sigh…


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