Chapter 2.9 – Of course it did

“Hey…what? REALLY?…ha now that’s what I call a job!…assignment, vacation what’s the difference?”


“Hi again,” Selana shyly said. Two days ago she’d had that stupid little dispute with Alexander. The conversation had somehow taken control of her mind and she was determined to prove him wrong. The best way to do that was to ask him up front if he loved her too.

“Hey,” He replied.


“Yeah?” Suddenly the idea of telling him sent butterflies in her stomach.

“I…I think I’ve fallen head over heels for you. I…I love you Mortimer.” There was a pause, then;


“Um…don’t you love me too?” Selana asked her voice quavering with uncertainty.

“Um…that’s a lot to ask Selana, I-”

“What do you mean? It’s simple yes or no question!”

“Look Selana, I can’t just say it willy-nilly! I have to mean it!”

“So you don’t love me!?”

“Selana! You’re asking for too much, we’ve only been going out for a month! You can’t expect me to suddenly love you now and forever!”

“I’m not asking you to marry me, I’m just asking you to love me!”

“You’re asking for too much in this relationship Selana! First you refuse to have sex, then you’re demanding I love you!”

“OBVIOUSLY, you don’t love me! Or else you’d be waiting patiently for me to be ready!”

“Grow up, Selana!”


And with that Selana slapped him hard enough to break his jaw.

“That’s fine with me! I hope you’re not thinking of coming to work tomorrow.” He said getting in the final word before storming out.

Just as Selana was about to break down into frustrating sobs Maxxie came in to save the day.

“I heard yelling what happened?”

“It was Mortimer! That a-hole!”

“What happened?” Rosa asked again, already knowing what was coming next.

“He…he…he basically doesn’t love me! I don’t know why I even liked such a creep! I saw his real side today! Men are horrible! The whole lot of them!”

It seems Selana’s childhood hadn’t done too good on her view of men. Her father leaving, a teacher impregnating her and now Mortimer. Rosa hugged her daughter.

“Oh Selana, not all men are horrible. I’m sure there’s a perfect guy for you just around the corner. Closer than you think. Maybe like right under your nose…or roof.”

“Of course you’d say that, but thanks anyways. Oh and I lost my job.”

“And what have we learned from this?” Rosa asked.

“Not to date our bosses,” Selana said with a smile.

“Now all that’s missing is Xander’s usual mocking.” Selana said surprising herself for using her twins nickname for Alexander. She felt a lot better now. “Where is Xander by the way?” She hadn’t seen him all day.

“eeehhh, heh…He left.”

“Left where?”

“Left to work.”

“Oh.” Selana suddenly stupid for even wondering where he was.

Short, very short chapter. But longer text and faster posting! I suppose it sort of makes up for it. I am feeling good, what with Ambitions and all. I haven’t been able to test it out yet. It has been many chapters since the twins became toddlers, and there are still a good few to come. It’s crazy it feels like they’ll never grow up! I had to put a stop to aging so I could take my pictures before they grew up, but I can’t wait to see them as children 😀


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