Chapter 2.8 – I’m not interrupting anything am I?

A good few dates later…

Selana was happy. She was content in her relationship. Everything was  going well for her. She was doing good at her job, she’d even gotten promoted, of course being the boss’ girlfriend helped. In her head, she was in love. Even though she’d only gone on five dates as of yet.

That’s before Xander’s usual butting in.

“Don’t mind me! I’ll just sit here and watch T.V.!”

“There was a perfectly suitable couch right over there.” Selana said through her teeth as Mortimer was forced to move before Xander sat on him.

“Oh but this couch is soooo much more comfortable.” Xander explained as he did his best to keep a straight face on. Selana glared as much as she could, but Xander didn’t even glance her way.

Rosa couldn’t help but chuckle hearing this. Since Mortimer had started hanging out at their house, Xander seemed to be doing everything to disturb them. From constantly asking Selana’s help for finding stuff, to using the twins as an excuse to barge in. Selana and Mortimer would be having a nice little conversation when Ashley would come giggling in, stumbling on her own feet. Desperately getting away from the ‘evil’ monster Xander. She would clutch her mother’s legs, and with no hesitation Xander would pop out of nowhere and pull her off. Often bringing Selana’s leg with her. Poor Selana would end up on the floor, with Xander laughing. Of course Mortimer would glare and help Selana back up. And then she would stare lovingly in his eyes and say thank you.

Rosa sighed. She recognized the way Selana was acting. And she was also aware of how boyfriendless Selana’s teenage hood was. But either way Rosa was happy for Selana. Rosa had been a bit scared that Selana wouldn’t want to be involved with a man after what happened. Still this wasn’t going exactly like Rosa had planned.

Selana inhaled sharply and exhaled slowly. Again and again, she wanted to kill Xander.  Sometimes he was such a child!

If Xander wasn’t annoying Selana, he was on the computer, doing research about…Mortimer.

Mortimer this. Mortimer that. And some really interesting stuff came up. Basically Xander was searching for anything he could use to break them up. Yes he was trying to break them up. But only for Selana’s safety. There was no other reason.


“Hi Angelica.” Selana said with a smile. In the back of her mind she registered that Angelica had not met her gaze. But she was just a child with a short attention span.

“Mom! i…I think…I have something to tell you!”

“Just spit it out sweetie.”

“I think…I think I’m in love! Mortimer is really nice and a real gentlemen! He can make me smile, and it feels nice to be around him. I really think so, mom. I’m in love!”

Rosa had expected this. Rosa had been right. This was going to be tough. Especially since Selana was an adult. How was Rosa supposed to explain to Selana the difference between a first love and real love? Especially since Rosa had no past experiences that Selana would understand. Somehow she would manage this. She just needed to think, but right now she also needed to say something. In her daughter’s mind, this was the real thing, and she’d never be able to let it go if her mom ruined it all.

“In love?” Xander scoffed. “Do you really think your mommy is in love, Angel?” Xander asked the little girl. Angelica giggled. Selana groaned and Rosa closed her eyes as if in annoyance, even though she was happy Xander was taking care of it. Selana would expect him to be rough.

“HMPH, you don’t know what you’re talking about!” Selana retorted.

“Oh and you do?” Xander teasingly asked.

“Yeah more than you! Do you even know what love is Xander?”

“…” Had Selana hit a never?

Buuut no, no soon enough Xander started laughing.

“Oh you think you know everything don’t you Selana!”

“Now, You may be convinced you are in…love, but think about this. Use that brain of yours for once and tell me if he reciprocates the feeling.”

“What? Of course he does.”

“Quick to assume. Have you ever been to his house? Did he tell you he did? Does he sleep over? Are you sexually active?” Sadly for Selana all of those answers were no.

“WHAT KIND OF A QUESTION IS THAT? Private much?” Selana retorted, a blush forming on her cheeks. “Just go do whatever, leave me alone!”

“You’re really touchy! Fine away I go!”

Huh okay then. That didn’t really go as planned. Rosa would have to plan a bit better for her daughters happiness.


Okay another chapter, yeah! I just realized how Rosa, Selana and the twins have the exact same hair color. It’s like a blond lineage. I hope the next generation don’t have as many blond genes.  This generation is going to be so long, but I’m working hard on it. I’ll try and post more often now. And what’s awesome is I got ambitions!! Next chapter, I should have ambitions all ready and installed 😀


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