Chapter 2.7 – Just Business

Long time no see…

“Do I look okay? Mom? It doesn’t feel like I look okay. Oh god, I’m so nervous!”

Rosa chuckled. “You look marvelous sweetheart…Are you sure you want to do this, because by the looks of it he’s your boss. What if it all goes down?”

“Oh I’m sure it’ll be just fine mom! I’m sure if it does go wrong he won’t fire me. That would be ridiculous. And I’ve never dated before. I want to try this out.”

“…fine.” Rosa said with a small smile.

“Well I’m off, he said to meet at the bistro.”

“HAVE FUN!!” Selana left.

Rosa sat with Alexander at the chess table.

“How are you doing today, Alexander?”

“Just fine, thank you m’am.”

“And you are fine with the idea of my daughter going on a date?”

“I don’t see why I would be inclined to object.”

Rosa considered him as his phone started to ring.

“oh well look at that, saved by the bell! If you’ll excuse me.” Rosa waved him away.

Rosa absent-mindely nodded to herself.

“Hello?…fine…no I still remember…what type of lousy-!” Alexander caught himself knowing Rosa was nearby.

“Of course I would love to do that! It would be an absolute honor!” Alexander said in mock-sarcasm.

“ID?…….you’ve got to be kidding.”



Selana was enjoying herself. The dinner was going well. And he constantly kept complimenting her. Though she had to question his outfit.

“I feel really really inferior and stupid right now. I look like an ass, while you are just radiant!”

Selana giggled.

“Oh stop it.” She said not finding anything else to say. Rare were the times she was so highly complimented.


“I have no ulterior motives. This is purely a business reason.” Xander mumbled to himself as he flipped the page all the while keeping an eye on Selana and her date. He hadn’t spent an enormous amount of time trying to camouflage himself. And either way they were too preoccupied with each other to notice he was there. Mortimer would not recognize him and Selana…Well he could’ve maybe made an effort and put eye contacts on, but he didn’t have any with him at the moment. Not the right ones anyways.

“I had a great time Mortimer thank you.” Selana said, believing it whole heartedly. Mortimer smiled.

“It was no problem. How about we get together again? Friday night, does that sound good?”

“I think that’s a fine idea!” She replied. Mortimer smiled again.

Xander was a touch surprised as Mortimer paid the bill. Now that he expected Mortimer to be a sad excuse for a man and ask Selana to pay and she’d realize what a jerk he was, no. Purely because of what he knew of Mortimer.

A hug…is fine. It’s nothing too life threatening to Selana. It’s fine. Leave it be.

Getting a bit intimate. Long gaze in eyes. That’s not good, but it’s not that bad. And why the hell is her hand there? Xander kept reading.

There are limits for gods sake! Xander stopped reading. And felt a very unwelcome feeling.


“Angelica, darling, it’s time to go to bed!” Rosa said. She’d just put Ashley to bed.

Angelica managed to waddle over…straight into the turtle table. Angelica fell back onto her bum, but she didn’t cry. She was a tough little girl. Rosa giggled.

Rosa picked her up.

“Hey there, you sleepy?” Angelica smiled. And Rosa kissed her forehead.

Kay, touch shorter than the others. But yeah I’m trying to get my thoughts in order now. Wait is Xander…JEALOUS? Nooooooo, he isn’t. Yet he doesn’t like Selana kissing some other guy… OF course I’m missing the important points, like why would Xander follow the two? 😀


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