Chapter 2.6 – Maxxie

Selana was as one could only describe as overjoyed. Finally three weeks later, she’d gotten another call for an audition! This day was going to be a very good day. She just knew it. She was absolutely positive! After the audition, hopefully after she’d gotten accepted this time, she’d bring the twins out for a stroll to the park and they’d celebrate. With luck Rosa would meet them there, but she was talking about doing overtime today.

Selana sat on the bed as realization hit her. She was so stupid. She’d forgotten her mom was working today. And if she had to leave for her audition that meant there was no one there to babysit the twins!

Unless…long shot, since he’s probably working today…again, but…with a bit of begging he might just concede…This is going to be harsh.

…Actually come to think of it, this might not be the best of ideas. Selana did not need Alexander’s mocking to ruin her day. Yes a couple of weeks ago they had a proper introduction. All that got is his name. Still pushes her buttons as usual. But she was relatively certain he was not going to murder her children. Which is why she was going to ask him to babysit them. Right now.

She knocked. The door opened. And he came out…shirtless.

“What? I was sleeping. I need to sleep. You should know this by now.”

She did know he was going to be sleeping. Since he’d moved here he’d been having odd work hours. Raging from three days to fifteen minutes. Yesterday he’d been out all night long. Not that she had watched out for that! She looked away, not wanting to give him the satisfaction, that yes she found him attractive.

“I need to go out and mum’s not there. Could you babysit the girls…please?” She nearly strangled herself trying to get the last word out.

Alexander sighed, his shoulders sagged a bit. He considered her then said;

“Fine. Whatever. Can I ask, why not call a babysitter?”

Selana bit her lip to keep the smile of successfrom coming through, and to stop herself from looking down. Sadly she looked down anyways.

She quickly regained her composure.

“…I have bad experience with babysitters. Let’s leave it at that.”

Alexander made his way to the nursery.

“Hey kiddos, how…now where could they possibly be…”

The two girls nearly jumped out of the boxes and came running over.

“XANDER!!” They squealed, it was their nickname for him. Angelica immediately went for one of his legs.

“Hey Ashley, how you doin’ today?” Alexander said after he’d tickled Angelica.


“Your mum’s gone to work…I think.”

His cellphone started to ring, so he put little Ashley down and took it out. Hopefully it wasn’t who he thought it was.

“Yup…yeah I know…look boss I…”

“Already? Geez man, I thought we were doing this next week! Did he just decide to drop by and chat?”

“…No, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry but I can’t do this right now. I have…other stuff to take care of. I can’t do this today… really? I ask for a day off and you give me this sh…kay, fine.” Alexander hung up.


The audition was a success!  Mortimer was the one who auditioned her, he decided to have her audition outside to see how well she reacted to an audience. He loved her performance!

She got a job AND he decided to ask her out. Being too caught up in the moment she blurted out a yes.

Selana was a touch nervous. She’d actually accepted to go on a date with her boss! Wasn’t that illegal or something?

“MOM!” She needed advice, but as she entered the house she noticed strange new objects and an “awww” ing mom.

“AWWWW!! You’re so cute you little cutie pie!”

“What is this?” Selana asked midly horrified.

“Sweetheart it’s a dog!”

“I know that much! What’s it doing in my house?!”

“Okay first of all, not specifically your house, I’m not dead yet, second Alexander bought this little cutie pie!” Rosa said as she nuzzled noses with the small pet.

“…of course he did.”

“He bought them for the twins and by the looks of it they love her!”

The little puppy wagged its tail playfully and looked up at Selana with a joyful face.

“Hard to argue with that logic.” She mumbled a small smile tugging at her lips.

“Anyways, mom I got a job! Finally, took like forever!”

“I’m so happy for you, that’s great!”

“And my boss asked me out.” She blurted.

“…oh really?” Rosa’s eyebrows lifted a bit disbelievingly.

“Yes. Tonight actually. I’m not sure I should go.”

“I don’t know if it’s a wise thing to do. And I’m not really ready…”

“Is he cute at least?”

“I…uh…I suppose, yes. He seemed like a nice guy too.”

“They you should try it out, you’ve never been on a date before you might just like it.” Rosa said, not with her usual enthusiasm.

“Yeah. I guess I will.”

Xander had heard everything.


Ooh look at this!! Would the last picture signify that Xander might have developed feelings for Selana? Selana certainly finds him VERY attractive! How will Xander react to Selana going out with some other guy? And who was Xander taking to on the phone, the word boss might suggest work… Job for Selana and a new puppy!! Yay!! Her name’s Maxxie btw. Lolz shirtless! Oh and this is an extra picture cause I found it pretty cool…


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