Chapter 2.5 – Give it a try

I had to take a picture 😀

“This is some sort of sick joke right? That man was the guy who ruined my day!” Selana exclaimed after Rosa and the man had chatted and she’d showed him his room. All the while smirking everytime Selana looked his way.

“Really? He seems pretty nice to me.”

The two little girls smiled at each other.

“Yes well, appearances can be deceiving!” Rosa snickered. “What?!”

“Oh nothing. Let him stay for a while, after all he volunteered to mow de lawn. And you know our lawn is kinda big…”

Selana glared at her mother. “We could’ve just hired someone else to mow the lawn!”

“But this way its free. And I think you need some male entourage.” Rosa said with a smile.

“What does that mean!?”

“Oh nothing…”

The next morning Selana woke up as usual, doing the natural routine. She smirked at herself in the morning. Thing is, last night before going to bed, she got a call. A call saying that they were ready to audition her. Today was a good day.

As usual, Rosa had already picked up one of the children. Angelica today. Selana smiled they were both so adorable!

But something broke that everyday routine. Ashley was not in her crib! Selana started to panic.

She ran to the nursery, only to find HIM and Ashley playing together. Worst of all she was giggling and having fun. No matter how frustrated Selana was by this sight, of him intruding into her life, she didn’t have the heart to tear this happiness away from her daughter.

He looked up laughed and said.

“Nice Pj’s.” She scoffed at him and stormed off to the Angelica’s room.

Rosa was putting down a whining Angelica when her daughter stormed in.

“MOM! He’s in there with MY daughter, and then he mocks me! How long does he have to stay here!?”

Rosa sighed.

“The old lady that I am, just would like some strong arms around the house. He’s so nice too. It’d be a shame to kick him out, he has a nice smile.”

“Humf, I’ve only seen a smirk.” Then Selana caughte herself, she hated seeing her mom like this. “Mum it’s okay, I can deal…for the while.”

Angelica pushes the door open and runs after her twin, almost knowing she was there. Selana catches a glimpse of inside before the door closes. And she also catches a glimpse of the smile her mother might have been talking about. But she still rather hated him. He might be the best of people to her mom and daughters but he was an ass when it came to her!

A few hours later…

It had failed. They had not wanted her. The person had said they liked her songs, but that she just wasn’t what they were looking for. She’d tried really hard too! Selana sighed a bit.

She was heading over to the park to play for tips again when she noticed that red head writing on his computer. That’s when she realized she didn’t even know his name, and that she might have been a touch harsh with him… Now that she thought back over it…He probably mocked her cause she reacted to it and he hadn’t really mocked her that much. Or another way of saying, she had totally asked for it. Doesn’t mean he had to respond!

She sat down in front of him. She’s going to make an effort. If he’s going to stay here and play with her daughters she ought to know exactly what kind of man he is. Her goal is not to be friends, her goal is to make sure he’s not a nice guy in disguise to her family.

He sighed and closed his laptop. Selana fought the urge to get up and storm away. He was getting on her nerves! (teehee headshot!)

As if to irritate her more. He widened his eyes and said;

“Yeeessss?” In a voice suggesting he was just waiting for her to say the right thing so he could mock her.

Selana inhaled deeply through her nose trying to contain her temper.

“Okay I’m aware we got off on the wrong foot…so let’s start over. I’m Selana.” She said forcing the smile on her face and the words out her mouth.

He sneaked a glance at his watch got up, and with a pouty face said. “Aww but that’s no fun!”

Selana couldn’t help it. She got up, rolled her eyes and scoffed. She couldn’t say she hadn’t tried.

He smiled. “I’m just teasin! T’name’s Alexander.”

Ha I can’t get enough of him. I worked sooo hard on his design it was crazy! (I’m just realized their colors really don’t clash XD) Alexander! I like that name, and I like the nickname Xander, not Alex, Xander. Most likely the nickname I’ll give this guy…

Okay here comes a small spam of news. I won’t be controlling or altering the other people who have been in this legacy unless it was absolutely necessary for the story line, basically I’m letting story progression take over their lives…



And an extra picture of him cause I felt like it! ^__^


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  1. Alexander is so cute! I love the little teasing relationship he has with Selana, and I really hope they end up together 😀 Can’t wait for an update! 🙂

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