Chapter 2.4 – 3 years later…

3 years later – A quick summary, a few pictures…


Maggie, Bebe’s daughter (Bebe is Rosa’s old friend, she came to live with Rosa after Alfie left, and she brought Maggie along) as an adult.


Aryssa as an adult…Lolz before make over…


And after make over, dyed her hair again. Arg she’s so pretty!!


Augh Now Cole is all grown up and handsome!!


OMG! He struck a pose I couldn’t help it…


Cole married Maggie and they moved out.


Israel (Leo’s son) as a toddler. (oh look his grandma’s hair and daddy’s eyes! …I don’t like Kylee at all, Leo is such an *** for choosing her…)And…I think that’s it! Oh wait Alfie got married again, but I don’t have a pic. So on with the story! …




She sings.




She plays.


And everyday she catches his ears…

Selana had come a long way from three years ago. A very long way actually. She’d been a whimpering child folded in on herself. Not that now she’ll just open up to whomever asks. She’s gaining profile around town, they come see her play everyday. She’s been trying to get herself a job in the music business, but there are barely any openings. They won’t even let her audition. So for now she sings and plays at the park, word of her out to reach higher ears sometime.

She doesn’t just do that. She’s got two little adorable girls at home. Ashley and Angelica both inherited their mother’s hair, but only Angelica has blue eyes. Ashley seems to have inherited Mr.Menog’s purple eyes. It’s the only way to differentiate them.

She was such a happy mother. Young yes, but very happy. Cole had moved out, and now they had an empty bedroom for a guest. Rosa had started to complain about how empty the house was all the time. There was too much space. Selana had laughed at that comment.

Selana packed up, it was getting late. As she saw how much money she’d gathered she did a little dance. A very successful day mind you.

Someone snickered behind her.

“What did I say something funny?” She asked immediately offended.

“Nope, not at all.” He said with a grin in his voice. Selana felt even more offended.

“Hmff whatever.” She scoffed and walked away only to hear him chuckle in the background.

“Hey mum.” Said Selana a bit glumly.

“Hello. How was your day?” Rosa asked as her daughter joined her at foosball.

“It was fine till this guy laughed at me.”

“What do you mean? Did you play one of your funny songs?”

“No I…I…he laughed at me for absolutely no reason, he was a real meanie. He completely ruined me day.”

“You need to let loose darling. Some people are just like that, don’t let it get to you. Anyways I have something to talk to you about.”

“What is it?”

“Well you know how I was talking about how lonely this place is…”

“Yeah…” Selana replied afraid of what might come next.

“Now don’t get mad, because this is still my house after all, but I’ve decided to rent out your brother’s room.”

“WHAT!? Mom!”

“I told you not to get mad.” Rosa scored. “Ha!”

“Mom, I don’t want a random stranger around.”

“I think this might actually help you out. Get over your problem with other people.”

“What does that mean?”

“Putting it bluntly, you have to work on your social skills sweetheart, and get rid of that short temper of yours.”

“Humf. So when is this new person coming?”

“Well he should have been here a few hours ago. Guess he’s running late.”

“He? Mom really?”

“Look I think having a man around the house might be profitable.”

“Oh yes of course and that always worked out so nicely!” Selana exclaimed sarcastically.

“Look young lady, Alfie was a good man…before, and your brothers aren’t that bad!”

“Humf whatever.”

“Oh I think that’s him! Would you mind going to get the door?”

“Really mom?…fine.”

“You’re joking…right?”

Oh lolololololo hohohoho ye have not seen his face! It was very predictable I know, but you shall not see his face yet! Was that good? Was that enough mysteriousness? I sorta tried to make a sort of prologue or something…I’m not too sure what I did really, but the italics part is not specifically before or after the rest of the chapter.  😀 Aren’t the girls just so cute? I caught them doing the same pose at the same time! Let’s not forget Israel (did not choose his name) Leo’s son! And Rosa is being a mother…lol 😀 😀 I love the picture of him giggling, it’s my favorite! You see something other than the back of his head 😀 (too many smiley faces!!)


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6 Responses to Chapter 2.4 – 3 years later…

  1. I knew Maggie and Cole would get married! So happy! But yeah, can’t wait to see how this mysterious man will shake up Selana’s life. Hehehe 😀

    • blamsart says:

      From the moment Maggie moved in as a toddler I was setting her up with Cole, :D. Me too actually, I have to write this carefully so it comes out the right way, I wanted to do different things with Rosa and Alfie, but it didn’t come out exactly the way I wanted it too. Because I have all this stuff to do I might have more chapters than usual! Sorry for this random dump on you *rubs back of neck awkwardly*

  2. dburgum says:

    Great yet again! I love the mysteriousness, I just really hope he is not a jerk, Selana doesn’t deserve to be hurt again! 🙂

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