Chapter 2.3 – Everything is perfect

Selana hadn’t gone to see a doctor. She knew she should’ve and her mom practically twisted her arm to make her go, but she just didn’t want to. 1) She didn’t like doctors, and 2) There was nothing that could, or would go wrong. She was getting better and better at the guitar and she was singing really well, everything was perfect! She hadn’t seen Leo in a few days, probably occupied with Kylee. Indeed a week ago, Kylee and Leo had announced their pregnancy. Leo was very nervous and had not seen this coming. At all. Patrick nearly slammed his head in a wall after the news. He, of all people, knew more about Leo’s situation. He wanted Leo to realize that it wasn’t kylee, but Rebecca he needed to marry. Selana had let it all go. As long as her older bro was happy.

Once that thought had crossed her head, a sharp pain began in her stomach. She started to panic. What was going on?

It seems her brothers also decided to panic.

“I think…I think these are my contractions!”


“YOU IDIOT MUM’S AT WORK!”  Patrick yelled back.




“STOP YELLING!” Selana yelled back.

“Wait, guys…I know how to drive!” Patrick explained as he started to calm down.

4 months later…

Patrick: Told ya!

Patrick grew up into an adult, gaining the trait lucky. The birthday was also very beautiful.

He didn’t waste time into asking Anessa out. They soon after both moved out of their homes and into a brand new one. Patrick brought the horses with him. Plus a month after that, Aryssa decided she liked living with her father more so she moved out too.

All that was left was Cole, Rosa, Selana and…well you see what the and is later. The house was completely remodeled thanks to Cole’s generous income from his books. Here’s a little tour. The living room.


The other side of the living room.


One of two bathrooms that are the same.


Rosa’s room.


Cole’s room.


The kitchen.


Selana’s room.


Angelica’s room. (Indeed it’s a girl!)


And her other daughter’s room, Ashley. (yes she got twins!!)


The nursery.


And finishing with an overall view of the house 😀


“So when are you getting a job?” Rosa asked.

“A job? Mum I don’t want a job.”

“I have a useless job at the spa, you have no job. Right now your brother is keeping us alive with his part time job and his royalties. I don’t think your brother intends to stay here though. I don’t think he wants to stay around his mom much longer.”

“I’m not much of a social butterfly, and jobs require you to be around people.”

“You’d have to find something your good at. I wonder are you good at anything?”


“Are you saying I could do something with my guitar?”

“Of course. Go play at the park for tips. You are so talented I’m sure someone will appreciate!”

“Ha thanks mom. Do you want to come with me? I could bring Ashley and Angelica.”

“Sounds good.”

So they set off, and Selana started to play. Ashley giggled along, recognizing her mother’s singing voice. Angelica though simply listened.

It didn’t take long for her melodious voice to reach other ears. Money soon came rolling in.

Selana didn’t want anything to change.

Okay, 😀 So twins!! Yay! I purposefully did not tell you their traits for my own reasons. So everything is perfect! Though Leo is still with Kylee, and expecting a newborn, that’s not so perfect…sigh.


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13 Responses to Chapter 2.3 – Everything is perfect

  1. dburgum says:

    TWINS! ❤ Im so happy for Selana, she has found her calling! 😀 Oh, and I think that Cole and Anessa will have very cute children! I wonder what the twins will look like, can't wait to find out! 🙂

  2. Hey, thanks for following my Dreamcatcher Legacy! I’ve just read all of your Blams Legacy, and it’s amazing! I love all the drama and the differences between the five kids. Can’t wait to see how everything turns out for Selana!

    I’m going to follow your blog too, and as it’s so awesome, I’ll add it to my blog links! 😀

  3. Thanks! And pretty much. The goal is to get an heir with the same hair and eye colour as the founder, without changing it, and by having as many children as it takes to get it. Should be fun, haha 😀

  4. I’m excited to see how the girls grow up. Did I read that you’ve already planned their story out? That’s so cool. I can’t wait to find out. And I’m so happy that she found her calling in life, and is doing well 🙂

    • blamsart says:

      Ha me too actually. I’ve read a bunch of people look to see how the kids grow up, but…I just can’t bring myself to do it. I like the surprise 😀 And yes I have planned the story for the girls all out. But right now Selana’s story isn’t yet over. 😀

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