Chapter 2.2 – Reflect on your actions

Starting out this chapter with…a horse gnome! It’s the first time I’ve ever had a gnome since playing the game, I’m so excited to see what it does! Okay on with the story…

“So what’s happening? Why’d you kids call me here?” Rosa asked as Cole sat her down. He’d convinced Selana to tag along to, who was nervously gulping in the background. 

“Um…Mom…Well you see…Selana has something to tell you.” Cole said passing the torch to his triplet sister. It just didn’t feel right telling the news himself.

“Well sweetheart, what’s up?” Rosa asked as she started to get annoyed of being tossed around. Selana took a deep breath and put a smile on her face.

“I’m pregnant,” Then she leaned back and looked away so she wouldn’t have to see her mother’s reaction.

When it was obvious Rosa wouldn’t be getting anything from Selana she turned to Cole.

“What the hell?” Cole sighed.

“It’s a long story.”

“Well I would most certainly like  to hear it!”

“Well you see, there’s this jerk…” And then Cole explained everything, everything he knew. About the pictures he found, about who the father was and how they needed to take him down.

The next few days, no weeks, no not even, more months passed in a blur. It took a good few weeks before they even got a court hearing. Selana attended answered the questions, but the whole time she was somewhere else. She hadn’t yet accepted that she was pregnant. Cole was being an amazing big brother. He got up there, showed the evidence, Selana said her part. Especially the part of her being drugged. Mr. Menog was caught off guard, he did not have an alibi, his daughter ratted him out. But their success only got him five years of prison. It should’ve been more, it might have been if he would’ve hurt her. But he didn’t. He drugged her, had sex without her consent, and took pictures of it. Yet he only got five years. (done some research :D)

Could she really be pregnant? Of course, all evidence pointed that way. Could she care for this child? Yes indeed she had decided to keep it.  She couldn’t bear to kill it. She knew that sounded ridiculous considering she couldn’t see it, and it currently didn’t even have a mind of its own. She was now three months pregnant. She was going to start showing soon.  Yet in her own little world she was already showing. She keeps she should be sad, she should be emotionally broken, but everyday that past she began to accept that she was creating life, and she began to love this child.

Just a few days later it was finally Leo’s birthday. Rosa had spent weeks on making this day perfect. There wasn’t a lot of room inside so she made it all outside.  She planted special blue flowers, blue because it was Leo’s favorite color. She had trees planted there, basically she made it look as pretty as possible, hoping that even though they were outdoors (Leo hates the outdoors) it would still be perfect. It was his eighteenth birthday after all. He’d already announced that he would be moving out soon after. They were all going to miss him. Selana had even written a song for her older brother. She felt much for social than she’d ever felt in her life. This pregnancy really was changing things for her.

The three guests (Maggie, Kylee and Rebecca) soon arrived. Kylee had already turned into an adult a good few months ago and Rebecca’s birthday had been a week ago. As usual Rebecca looked away as Leo made out with Kylee.

Selana couldn’t help but think about what an idiot her brother was. But it was his birthday, he could do what he wanted. Alfie, her father it still felt strange to think about it, had not been invited. By personal request from Leo. He did not want to see his father. Clover nudged her to try to cheer her up. Clover was Patrick’s new foal, she was adorable as her coat color was odd.




Haha, look at him! (work on his outfit of course) he has very nicely grown 😉 and added trait is family-oriented. Now I wish he was the heir, just because his genes are awesome! (I’ll probably feel the same way when the others grow up)  Why must you have to leave??


Close-up of his face…

Leo: I’m handsome *wink*


Patrick: Just wait till I grow up!


Patrick: Stop taking pictures! I’m not photogenic!

…anyways back to the story!


And then Selana’s brother did the most unexpected of things.

“Kylee, I’ve loved you ever since I met you, will you please do me the honor of marrying me?” Rebecca was nowhere to be seen. Selana clapped along only because her brother seemed so happy with this arrangement.

Afterwards knowing he had everyone’s attention he announced that Kylee and he were moving out together. That for a few months now they’d been searching for a home, of course she hadn’t known about the proposal.  Rosa cried hugging her boy telling him he could stay if he wanted to. After everyone had hugged and/or patted him on the back (Patrick) it was Selana’s turn. She hugged her brother nice and tight. Since he was leaving might as well tell him the news.

“I’m pregnant.”



“Who did this?”

“Leo! It’s fine what’s important here is you, and it’s all been taken care of. I just thought you should hear the news.”

“But you’re so young, maybe I should stay and-”

“No, Leo! It’s fine I have mom, and Patrick, and Cole, and Aryssa. I’ll be fine. Now you go off to your new home with your new fiancée and reflect on your actions.”

“…My actions?” Leo asked genuinely confused. Selana gave him another hug, hopefully someday he’ll see it.

It seems five sim hours later they felt like adopting.


The months passed by in almost a flash. The horses had taken a liking to Selana, especially Clover. She often came out to play her guitar and sing to him, but at the same time singing to her unborn baby. She’d decreed if it was a boy she would call him Andrew, and if it was a girl her name would be Ashley. She felt her unborn child often moving in her tummy, or even hiccupping. It was so adorable she was almost happy it had happened to her. There was something though that would taint her happiness soon. Patrick had been talking about it a lot for the last few months. His birthday was soon, after Selana’s birth though.  He was planning on him too moving out, and bringing the horses with him. That’s what saddened her more, but you can’t blame her if she was closer to Clover than her own brother.

She would sing and play guitar during the day, and in the evening she’d meet her brother at the beach. They would sit and chat and he would bring whatever she craved at the moment. This was the closest she’d ever been to her brother. It was weird. First Cole, then Leo. Then again Cole had started to distance himself again, not as much as before though. Leo always asked a bunch of questions about how she was doing, she’d laugh at his constant concern and reply that she was fine. Everything was fine. She was more happy than she could remember and she couldn’t wait to have this baby in her arms.

“What about Selana, have you been going?” Selana momentarily stopped eating. “Selana you have been going right?”


“Why not, is mom letting you stay home?”

“No she insists I go, but I don’t.”

“Why not? You know you need to finish school to get a decent job. How do you expect to pay for this child?”

“Look, school was hard enough when I wasn’t pregnant. I don’t want to go there anymore. I have a reason now! I don’t care about not getting enough money, I…” Selana searched for her words.

“Selana…mom can’t support you all your life.”

“I’ll find a way. But right now I have other things on my mind.”

Leo sighed.

“I’m leaving, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Don’t forget to reflect on your actions.” Leo said in a low voice.

Had he…Had he understood what she’d told him five months ago?


That’s it! Sorry for the very very long wait  ^_^’ . I’m trying to settle on chapter length right now.


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2 Responses to Chapter 2.2 – Reflect on your actions

  1. You’re back! And Leo grew up very handsome indeed ;] I can’t wait to see how they all look grown up. All gorgeous I bet.

    It’s sad that the creep only got five years >.< But that is the sad reality of the matter. I hope he doesn't do anything once he gets out and just stays away.

    She has such a great family too. They're all so supportive. I'm glad that she isn't going to resent the child.

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