Chapter 1.16 – Different paths

“I just don’t know what to do anymore, Becca. I’m seventeen and still haven’t had a real girlfriend. My almost girlfriend is actually officially going out with another guy. My birthday is really soon. I’m almost an adult how pathetic is this?” Leo complained. He and Rebecca had gotten really close. They’d been best friends for a year now and they were nearly inseperable.

“Look you just gotta tell her how you feel.” Rebecca replied.

“I did, and look where that got me. Second violin. He doesn’t even know I exist, and Kylee expects me to act as if I’m not jealous. But I am. I’m really jealous case I’m not the only one who makes out with her. I keep thinking she doesn’t really love me. She’s just using me like in those movies.”

“Hey I’m sure that’s not true. I’m sure she loves you too. Maybe she just can’t decide.”

“Yeah that’s what she told me like a year ago.” Leo said.

“Okay then. Make her decide. Say its you or him. Worst thing, she chooses him and you can find yourself someone else, because if she doesn’t choose you she’s stupid.”

“Thanks Becca. And you know what that’s actually not that bad of an idea.”

“I’m going to do it Becca. I’m going to tell her. She’s going to have to choose.”

“I’m happy for you, good luck.” Rebecca said before Leo pulled her in for a hug.

“You always have the best of ideas!” He chuckled into her shoulder. She smiled enjoying it while it lasted.

“Actually I’m going to tell her right now!” Leo suddenly exclaimed as he ran off.

“Um…okay.” Rebecca replied a bit startled.

“Hey you look kinda sad. What’s up?” Patrick asked as his older brother left. He of course knew Rebecca from all the times she hung out with Leo.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I saw you talking to that guy earlier. Who was he?”

“Actually I’m really excited, because he’s the one that’s going to make it all possible!”

“What? Make what possible?” Rebecca asked.

“Well…you see I’ve always wanted a horse and all. So this guy was here to make sure I had a stable environment to buy a horse.”

Rebecca narrowed her eyes. “There’s more to it I. I can see it in your eyes. Spill it all!”

“Well I don’t know if…”

“Jit’ll come after you, I can guarantee this!” Patrick was also used to her constant mention of her cat Jit.


“Okay, so it’s kinda about a girl…” Rebecca smiled.

“I knew it!”

“Um…okay then.” Patrick said uncomfortably.

“Anyways, it’s the only other person who’s been riding a horse, since well, since I’ve bee alive. So I have to be friends with her-”

“You don’t have to.”

“Well yeah I do, she’s the only one-”

“No no I get it the whole horse riding thing, don’t you think it might because you …like her?” Rebecca said finishing her sentence with a sneaky smile.

“I don’t like her!”

“You’re obsessed with her and you’re reasons are pretty doubty.”

“Well…I…either way she won’t have anything to do with me. That’s why I gotta get a horse, so maybe then she’ll talk to me. She’s keeps galloping away!”

“See, sure get yourself a horse and whatever I don’t care, but you gotta see her as a girl you like now. Don’t be a crazy maniac and run after her. Actually do something to make it clear to her you like her. Giver her flowers or something.”

“I never said I liked her…”

“A girl knows.” Rebecca stated.

“Okay then, well know that you’ve helped me it’s my turn to help you.”

“What? I don’t need any help.” Rebecca said totally on the defensive.

“A guy’s brother knows.” Rebecca sighed. “How long are you gonna play this?”

“I don’t…what am I supposed to do? Tell him I like him, no love him? I can’t do that not after all the times he’s told me he loves Kylee.”

“You know technically he’s not going with her, and he doesn’t really love her. They might have been friends, but he doesn’t love her. If you tell him I’m sure he’ll realize he doesn’t love her, he loves you. You just gotta tell him Rebecca. Don’t let him get away!”

“You’re right! And I stupidly gave him good advice! God I’ve got to stop him. He went to her house… I’ve gotta go, thanks Patrick!”

“Ah no problem.”

Rebecca ran with more energy she thought she had, and she kept imagining the scene with her telling him she loved him and he would come say the same thing and grab her in his arms. Her arms were starting to ach, and her legs started to throb.

But when she got there and saw his face her heart leaped.

“Rebecca you’ll never guess what happened!”

“Leo I-”

“She said yes, she said she’d break up with him and stay with me!”

Rebecca froze.


Patrick had considered what Rebecca had told him. Yes maybe he did like that girl…but he didn’t really know, he’d never something like this before. She occupied his every thought and everything he did was to get her attention. Five other times he’d seen her in town, but she would always gallop away. Was it something he’d done? Were there false rumors going around that was scaring her away? He didn’t understand but it only made him more determined.

First things first, he needed to adopt a horse. But he didn’t want any horse. He wanted two horses that were dear to him from childhood. That’s why he’d needed to speak with that man, he needed to know if he could, get some papers filled and then actually catch them.

It only took him about two hours before making the brown one trust him enough to go home with him. He knew the black one would follow.

He was quite right, the moment he mounted the brown one the other horse snapped to attention. Patrick had taken a riding class specific for this occasion, but it was still really freaky when he rode the wild horse. It was weird how they bonded instantly.

But it must have all been a trick cause half way home the horse decided to just dump him. He was itching to get the saddle off.

“Fine I get it! I’ll lead you home!”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s okay. I’m fine.”

“I’m going to call you Monte, how’s that sound, heh?”

“And I’m going to call you Black Star. I think that’s a fitting name.”

“Hey how you guys doing on this beautiful morning? Sleep well? I’m happy to see you haven’t run off yet:D!”

It was after school one day, that Patrick finally noticed her again. So he whistled a long shrill he knew Monte would hear. He hadn’t been able to ride Black Star yet, but one day she would get over her shyness. Meanwhile Patrick knew Monte loved to go and run, so he was sure he was going to here him.

Monte’s arrived in record time, being the perfect horse that he is, while Patrick clumsily tried to climb onto him. Practice was still needed.

He finally reached her at the graveyard, her reasons for being there he had no idea. She’d already dismounted her horse.

Dismounting with some difficulty he ran up to meet her.

Was she…crying?

“Hey are you okay?” Patrick asked cautiously she did not look up, but she did answer and the sound was like music to his ears.

“I’m Fine! Go away!”

“Hey, hey…” Patrick came over to give her a hug, but she fought back. Eventually though she sunk in his arms and started to cry.

“They’re…they’re gone! They dead…I…I…” She tried saying between breaths, but he shushed her and held her close.

“I’m fine now…really.”


But she still looked so sad and so fragile. Patrick knew she wasn’t really fine.

“Okay, now that I’m fine you can go away now.”

“Can I at least know your name?” She thought for a few seconds.

“No. I have to go.”

Then she got on her horse and galloped away.

But even with all that happened he was happy. She’d actually talked to him!

“I have good news son.”

“What is it mom?” Patrick yawned.

“I think your horse is pregnant.”


Painting was what Aryssa did. Sure she was evil and wanted to get rid of all electronics, but meanwhile she painted. It lifted her spirits and there were no electronics in her room either way. Her life was going good. She could see herself in politics, telling the world to give up all their electronics or she would have them hanged. She also has a good stable boyfriend and lots of love. Now if only she could destroy her brother’s computer…

“There we go! Finished! …I know I have school but I just really don’t feel like going. One day out of I don’t know millions, won’t be that bad.” Aryssa said to herself.

But when she got to the park she was surprised.



When Cole wasn’t hanging out with Bebe’s daughter Maggie, he was on the computer writing stories, or hacking into random websites. He was gaining about 2,000$(I’m not joking this is for real) simeoleons per week do to his books, and his grades were impeccable.

But through all that the girl on his mind was Candy Ashleydale. The popular girl. She was uber pretty and very talented, but of course she was out of computer geek Cole’s league. He can watch her from a distance, but not only does she have a boyfriend but she’s untouchable.

So of course he was surprised when she decided to spontaneously sit beside him. He looked away trying to desperately to avoid eye contact.

“So. I heard you hack computers.” She said in a low voice.

“Uh…yeah sure.” He uncounciously got up, being close to her was too much to handle.

“I need you to hack into something.”

“Look…I…” Cole just couldn’t get his words straight.

“Meet me back here, tonight at 9pm.”

And at 9pm there he was. He’d fought it a lot. He hadn’t known what to choose. But his hormones got the better of him and he went to the school. He got there half an hour early all jittery. Maybe after he’d hacked whatever computer needed to be hacked she’d give a kiss or something like that. You know a reward of sorts.

“Good you’re here.” She said casting him a smile that sent shivers through him. “Now come on, in the school.”

“Okay here we are. I want you to hack into the English teacher’s computer. I want to know what my grades are.”

Cole, with trembling hands sat in the chair.

“Hurry up!” She hissed. Cole sighed he’d always hacked from his home. This was just too weird. Hacking into someone else’s computer?

He found her grades quite easily and sent it to his home to print.

Then he accidently ‘stumbled’ onto information he’d never thought he’d see on a teacher’s computer. He quickly closed it all, unable to believe his eyes. But he’d seen it and he’d confront his English teacher soon.

“I’m done.” Cole declared. An evil grin spread across the girl’s face and Cole’s doubts grew twice as big.

“Perfect. Give them to me tomorrow. I’ll meet you behind the school. We’ll have to do this discreetly.”

Cole wasn’t sure anymore whether he should continue to participate in this or not. It all seemed too…criminal. He’d heard what had happened to his father, and he had no wish to go to jail.

Candy must of noticed this because she leaned over and planted a kiss on his lips. He was more than surprised, and more than enjoyed the kiss. But didn’t Candy have a boyfriend already? A jealous one at that?


Selana was still a loner. Her triplet brother Cole hated hanging out with her, he pretty much ignored her existence. Her triplet sister Aryssa gave up playing pranks on her when she stopped reacting. She knew Patrick loved her, and often tried to make it obvious to her, but these days other  things seemed to be on his mind. And lastly her brother Leo said waved when he say her and that’s it. Yes her mother loved her. Yes her mother tried to do things with her. But Selana had discovered she liked playing alone more than anything. She did have one friend. But that was just it. One friend, and barely a friend at that. She’d recently taken up guitar. She loved the way the music sounded to her ears. She always played in the living room since her room was to small, and that somehow calmed her mother’s worries for her.

Her sister could paint beautiful things, her brother could hack into computers, though their mother didn’t know, her other brother had two horses, and her other one was a cook. She was a nothing. Even her mom had this unnatural ability to garden. So when Selana started to do something no one else in the household did, she was quite peaceful. For now she was happy, holding that guitar in her hands, made it all better. But then she’d have to set it down to go to school. Once at school she would hang her head low and not look at anybody and just hope the day went past just a bit faster. It’s not that she was bullied or anything of the sort. Some other people wanted to be friends with her. She just pushed them away is all.

Her brother didn’t even speak to her long enough to ask her to get out of the way. Her mom had tried talking to Cole. Telling him to at least respect his sister, he promised her he would, and then he didn’t. It was his way of surviving in the school.

“Ah, Selana, could you come over please?” Came a voice.

It was her English teacher, Mr. Menog.

“Yes?” She asked quietly.

“I just wanted to tell you, you did excellently on  the last exam. I’ve decided to give you a hundred percent.”

“What?” Selana asked midly surprised.

“You’ve earned it, enjoy!” Yet Selana went back to her original mood.

Mr. Menog seemed to notice this because he tried to cheer her up.

“Hey, Selana you’re a beautiful and an intelligent young woman, okay? So please don’t be sad. Rejoice, you passed a test!”

Selana nodded imperceptibly. He was a young and attractive man. So she couldn’t help but blush at his words. She said thank you and turned and walked away, having the strange feeling that he was still looking at her.

Later that night when she realized she wouldn’t be getting any attention at home, once again, she headed to the beach to enjoy the calm and peaceful air.

She couldn’t help it. Her eyes started to sting for no reason. She didn’t know why she was suddenly crying, but her inside voice was screaming in pain. Was this how calm felt?

“Selana?” That was Mr.Menog’s voice! She wiped the tears of her face.

“Mr. Menog! What are you doing here?”

“I live just up the beach. See my house is right there. Barely a walk away. Why are you crying?” He asked his voice filled with concern.

Something stabbed through her chest. He was concerned! She looked down so he wouldn’t see the tears once again falling on her cheeks, it was a strange sensation, to have someone other than her mother to care!

“Don’t cry, come here.”

He pulled her in a hug and she cried silently in his shoulder. His strong firm arms held her tightly in a way that almost made her melt. Concern and care. When finally she’d done crying, they pulled apart.

But their faces were merely inches apart and tension grew between them. Selana had never kissed someone before, but she suddenly wanted to really badly.

And it seemed he wanted it too.

That’s it! last chapter of the generation!  Yeah, I know, Aryssa’s part is small, i actually was planning on going a lot farther, but there was just so much to add and I thought this was good. Sorry for any grammatical errors. So all five have their stories, now its your turn to choose. Next post should have the heir vote, so go vote now 😀


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  1. The heir vote is going to be a tough one. I’m torn haha

    Poor Rebecca :/ She finally works up the courage to tell him, and then he gets a girlfriend :/ And Alf is back!

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