Chapter 1.14 – New turns

It was in those times when the kids were at school that Rosa was able to think, and able to miss Alfie. He should have been out by the now, or so she thought. She didn’t know what was going on, and if she hadn’t seen him in forever were they still considered engaged? She hadn’t taken the ring off, it was a reminder and a keep-away to random guys. She was just sad he hadn’t been able to meet the triplets.He would have loved them so much, and the kids would have met their father. She was surprised the kids hadn’t asked about their father yet… Well Leo knew, Leo had suffered. Rosa had known and hated what the kids had said to her eldest child. She’d called their parents but they had dismissed her complaints. A single mother under all this stress. Well at least she was giving her children a better life than she had had. Patrick’s birthday was soon. Another teenager! This would be interesting.

Leo wasn’t that bad of a teenager. Actually it was better than expected! But he’d been expected to act like a grown-up when he was just a child. She was proud of Leo, he did his homework, didn’t deal drugs, told her where he went, always came back before curfew, made pretty much all the food, and did not drink alcohol. He was the best teenager you could expect. Now if only he’d get himself a job though…

Oh and the triplets! Those nasty little buggers that were COMPLETELY different from one another. Cole was always playing video games or on the computer, Aryssa was rarely seen in the living room do to all the electronics (radio, t.v., stove, and computer), she would rage that she would  take care of those things, but for the while she just drew in her room. And then there was the quiet little Selana. Rosa rarely saw her around. She only saw the cute little face when it was time to go to school, come back from school, or for a kiss goodnight. She’d play with her dolls or do her homework in her room. Rosa was slightly concerned, hopefully she would grow out of it.

“Hey mum, I’m going to…um…this is science research thing. They asked me to come over and they’d give me a tour. I might come back late though.” Leo managed to lie, but Rosa barely noticed. She still saw her boy as a scientist.

“Really that’s great, and take as much time as you need!” Rosa exclaimed. Leo smiled and ran out the door. Oh that boy…great scientist he will be.

Leo had barely went out the door when this redish-purple haired girl nearly ran into the front door.

“Excuse me? Hello?”

“Garbage………” The girl muttered before snapping back to reality. “Oh sorry!!! I’m Rebecca is Leo here?”

“No, he went to the research facility.” Rosa replied.

“Oh, kay…Your hair is weird…”

“Um…okay, Rebecca, I’ll tell Leo you came by. Good-bye.”

“Bye…” The girl said casting one last look at Rosa’s hair. Rosa looked at herself in the mirror once Rebecca had gone. Her hair wasn’t weird? Was it?

“MMMOOOOMMMM, WE’RE HOME!” Came Cole’s voice from outside. Here they come, Rosa shuddered.

“Mommy, mommy! Guess what!” Selana said running towards her mother. Cole raced to the computer.

“IT’S MINE! I CALLED IT FIRST!” He yelled as he took control of the computer.

“Whatever, I hope it eats you alive!”  Aryssa spat before going to her room.

“ARYSSA!” Rosa snapped.

“Mom! Listen!” Selana trying to get her mom’s attention. Patrick opened the front door enough to stick his head in.

“Mom, I’m going outside to play on the swing, see ya!” He said.

“Alright be careful!” Rosa called back.

“MOM!” Selana exclaimed.

“Ugh! Never mind!” Selana yelled exasperated as she ran into her room.

“Selana wait!”

“Oh sweetheart!” Rosa sighed. She knocked on the door.


“Honey, please open the door,”

“Just let the loner be, she’s such a loser, she won’t talk to anyone.” Cole mumbled.

“Watch that tongue of yours Cole!” Rosa said angrily.

“Everyone at school doesn’t like her and they tease me about it, saying how my sister is a loser! If she wasn’t such a loner I’d have more friends.” He continued to mumble. Rosa smacked him in the back of the head.

“One more nasty word out of your mouth and it’s no computer for a month!”  That shut him up.

“Selana please let me in!” Rosa continued. Selana slammed one of the dolls against the dollhouse.

“Fine.” She said.

Rosa entered her daughter’s room, saw the unmade bed and started tidying it up. “Tell me what’s wrong. Or better tell me what you wanted to tell me.” Selana sighed, no reason to keep it any longer.

“I…I made a new friend.”

“Darling that’s great!” Rosa said pulling her daughter in for a hug. Selana smiled.

“Thanks mom.”

“Momomomomomom!” Came Aryssa’s voice. Rosa dragged herself over.

“What is it?”

“Look I finished a MASTERPIECE!”

“Ugh! It’s really pretty, but please, I beg of you, go take a shower!”

“But mom can we like hang it up?”

“Only if you go take a shower right now!”

“Fine…” She mumbled. That’s all her daughters could say, fine. Rosa sighed.


Okay so Leo wasn’t really at the research facility. Instead he was waiting for his date with Kylee. She wanted desperately to keep a secret, their relationship and all, so that Sam doesn’t find out. Leo tried convincing her to break up with him, but she just wouldn’t have it. She was too scared, she said. No matter how much he hated the outdoors, Leo loved Kylee enough to go outside anywhere. Yep he’d thought it. He loved her. And people might say it’s a first love or whatever, but it wasn’t. For him it was TRUE love. He hated keeping stuff from his mom, but Kylee didn’t want his mom to know either, in case she blabbed to her friends and they blabbed, and eventually Sam found out.

“Hey handsome, how you doin’?” Kylee asked, with a smile.

“Much better now that you’re here.” He replied. She giggled. Yes! Epic romantic cliché line worked!

After a bit of making out, Leo finally blurted it out. “Why do you insist on still going out with Sam?”

Kylee was speechless.

“I don’t feel like talking about it.”

“Come on Kylee, I’m getting tired of sneaking around!”

“NO! I don’t want to talk about it Leo!” She snapped. Leo sighed.

“Is it because you like him too?” Leo asked in a whisper.

“I…uh…Leo…I have the right to like whoever I want! And yeah what if I like him too? I can like two guys, it should be fine! Right!?” She asked her voice rising.

Leo’s whole attitude changed, he hated seeing her upset.


“So you’re okay with me being with Sam for the moment?” Leo hesistated for a second and already her frown was coming back.

“Yeah of course! For the moment!” God! All this lying was getting to him. He couldn’t wait for this to be over.


“Mom, you know I reeeaaallllyyy like animals, and especially horses, and since you banned me from seeing the wild horses, I was wondering, since there is such a conveniently placed horse training place right in front of our house, I was wondering if I could like go and visit and such…” Patrick asked. Rosa smiled.

“Well, I suppose…but only if your older brother comes with you. Just in case.”

“Okay!” Patrick gleamed, before running off.

“LEOOOO! Can you please please please go to the horse place with me??” Leo’s smile froze.

“Can’t you see I’m doing something much better like dancing?”

“Please!! I’ll actually clean my plate for a week!!” Leo considered this. He absolutely hated filth and his little brother had the bad habit of NOT cleaning after eating. This was sorta of a good deal.

“Fine, but not for too long. I have stuff to do.”

“Like dancing?”  Patrick chuckled.


They’d barely made it outside when Patrick stopped Leo.

“What is it?” Leo asked exasperated.

“Look there’s a girl running over. I think she wants to talk to you.”


“Yeah, she’s got like awesome red, or purple or pink hair.” Oh god…Leo thought. Maybe if he just ignored her she’d just pass by. Yes he said he’d be her friend and all, but she was just so weird and his mom told him she came to his house. That was just creepy. Please go away…

“LEO! There you are, Jit and me were starting to think you were avoiding us! We also realized we hadn’t given you our phone number!” Why would he need her phone number if she lives right next door? Leo sighed before spinning around to face her.

“Leo, Leo, Leo come I have to show you something!”

“Alright, alright I get it when I’m not needed! I’ll just leave you to love birds alone…” Patrick said, flashing Leo a sneaky smile. Leo glared.

“What do you want, Re…um…what was your name again.?” There was a second of glaring before her goofy self came back.

“Rebecca…repeat after me. Rebecca.”

“No I don’t feel like it.”

“Rebbecca, say it come on, Rebecca.”

“No, I just-”


“Fine! Rebecca.”

“There we go, good job, now come on, I wanna show you something.”

“What is it?” Leo asked, finally intrigued.

“Just come on.” She said grabbing his hand. Leo’s cheeks immediately flushed red. But that was bad because he was with Kylee, so why was he blushing when Rebecca simply took his hand?

“Can I open them now? Please? I don’t like being outside, so can we just get this over with?” Leo asked.

Rebecca chuckled. “Nope, keep them eyes closed!”

“Okay, now you can!” Leo was extremely curious now, but all his hopes for a surprise were squished.

“The graveyard? You brought me to the graveyard??”

“Yes, but no.”


“I’m going to bring you inside the mausoleum.”

“What! No! I don’t want to go in there!”

“Come on coward!” Rebecca laughed as she ran off. Leo ran after her.

“Wait! I’m not coward!” Leo said, ugh all these graves with their dead people…

“You ready?” She asked, Leo gulped as he looked up at the big building.

“Um…sort of.”

“Then let’s go.” She said in a low voice which gave Leo shivers. Why was he doing this again?


“HOLY-” Was Leo’s first reaction. When Rebecca came out unscathed she nearly laughed her head off.

“It’s not funny! Stop laughing I could’ve died! That freaking bear zombie nearly ate me alive!” Leo screamed.


“Nice underwear!” She burst out laughing again. Leo was a bit speechless to discover he liked her laugh. And he blushed a bit at the comment.

Rebecca’s laughter eventually got to Leo and he started laughing as well.

“Okay, I guess it is a bit funny.” He said after looking at himself.

“Told ya!”


Patrick grew up! Added trait Great Kisser. Eh…He looks more like Rosa than Alfie at the moment and I’m not too sure that’s a good thing. Not black hair, dark brown!



“Mom? Mom?”

Rosa sighed. “What now?”

“Now that I’m old enough can I please have a horse? I said please!”


“Why not? Mom! I want a horse!”


“Or a puppy or a kitten, but especially a horse.”


“Mom!! Why not? I’ll do anything!!”¸



“But you have to pay for it all. The food, the stable, the horse. It’s all yours! Just a long as you pay it and make sure it shits in the stable not on the lawn. ” She finished pointing a finger at him.

Not five seconds later, Patrick noticed two wild horses that were quite familiar to him, in his neighbor’s front yard, not Rebecca the other neighbor.

“Kay, thanks ma!” He said before running off.

It was them! He still remembered them from a few years ago, and still had a grudge against his mother for not letting him see them. But now they’d come REALLY close to his house! He couldn’t believe it. As usual the black one ran off. But the brown didn’t really care. Yes, mother didn’t say anything about adopting a wild horse! Now he just had to find a way to catch them and keep them. First though, he needed to get the money for stable and other horse essentials. Which meant part time job.

Not long after Patrick headed to the new horse playground. The only horses he’d seen were the three wild horses since the town had introduced them. It seemed no one else liked horses as much as he did.  Well that’s what he thought until he saw someone riding a horse not too far away. Anyone who rode a horse, meant they liked horses, which in turn meant they would get along great!

“Hey!” Patrick yelled, and was almost stopped in his tracks as he realized the rider was a girl.

And her face didn’t invite any kind of friendship.

“Hey! Wait up!” But it was too late she was already galloping away. Patrick stopped his foot in frustration. He’d been friends with her, even if she was a girl, because she was the only other horse rider around. No matter what it took. Her horse was really awesome looking!

But Patrick didn’t have much time for that. He’d found himself a job at the equestrian center right across the street. He thought it was a win-win. He’d get to learn more about horses, but now he regretted this. He each he had to go to do the stupid hard work and his back hurt like hell! This was much harder than it looked.


Aryssa was currently fantasizing about killing. Someone at school had pointed at her, a senior, and recognized her as Leo’s little sis. Then they started laughing about her dad for no reason! She got really mad and spat in their faces and they ran away crying. Now she was thinking of all the worst things she could’ve done….But there was also something else on her mind. Her dad…Leo had talked about him from time to time, so did Rosa. How he was a great man and all, but where was he if he was so great? That’s why Aryssa planned to confront her mother.


“HA! There take that bathtub! You shall no longer be able to dirty yourself!” Rosa exclaimed triumphantly.



“What happened to dad?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, where is he? And is he ever coming home?”

“Um….” Great! “Well…you see your father is in jail.”

“Tell me everything.” (OMG that face!)

So Rosa did. She told Aryssa all about the money problems, and how Alfie got caught robbing someone else’s home. Rosa even gave Aryssa the only picture she had of Alfie. He hadn’t been that much of a fan of pictures.

“Thanks mum.”

“You’re welcome hun.” Aryssa suddenly saw her father in a whole new angle. She found that him being in jail was super cool! She could rant about it to her friends at school. Her dad was a criminal, not everybody’s normal dad, he was this awesome criminal stuck in jail!

WOW! I’ve never written a chapter sooo long!!! And the last chapter is probably going to be much much longer with all the information needed!

Uh oh, that’s not really how Rosa wanted Aryssa to feel about her father, Leo’s still Kylee’s second violin, Patrick saw a “potential” friend,  and there wasn’t much about Selana and Cole here. One or two more chapters left before the heir vote. Most likely the next chapter will be all about the kids so you can get to know them better. 😀 Thnks for reading!!


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  1. I hope that Leo leaves Kylee, she doesn’t seem like a good match for him. Rebecca seems to actually like him, and isn’t leading him on. And poor Aryssa for finding out about her father that way. I’m sure Rosa would have wanted to tell her and the rest of the kids together and in a much better way.

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