Chapter 1.13 – New friend

Just a few days later Bebe and Maggie left. They remodeled the house again. Rosa was sad but now that the toddlers had grown hopefully her life would be easier….“Hey Leo darling…”

“Ugh, what mom?”

“How about you go pay the neighbors a visit. Hmm?”

“What? Why?”

“Well…they took in a foster child, or more teenager. She’s around your age and she has nooo friends. You should go be friends!”

“But mom, I was going to see Kylee!”

“But she has no friends Leo…” Rosa said using her pouty face. Leo sighed.

“Finnnneee.” Kylee and Leo were BFF’s, and Leo had the biggest crush on her. Yes she wasn’t the prettiest, but he just loved her personality! Sadly she was going out with a certain Sam…Leo had been plotting to break them apart and then POOF, Kylee would be his.

When he got to the rich house, he spotted the girl immediately, annnddd she looked she was sleeping.

“Um…excuse me I…” He couldn’t find any other words she was just so pretty!

“WAIT! Don’t bother me I’m communicating mentally with my dog, I mean cat.”

“OH, wait, you’re actually…I thought so too.” She said continuing a conversation in her mind.

“So heeelllooo to you, and heeelllooo to me! My name’s Rebecca.” She said with a smile.

“Um…I’m Leo.” Leo had not expected that at all, when he heard this girl came from another foster home he’d expected this troubled girl lashing out at people, not someone pretty who talks to herself…

“Well nice to meet you Leo!”

“OH MY GOD! Didn’t I tell you to SHUT UP! I’m kinda talking to someone!” She said.

“Um, excuse me?”

“God it’s Jit, that cat kept talking to me. I don’t know what’s up with that, told him to shut up!”

“A cat?”

“Yeah, my cat.” Wow, Leo couldn’t believe this. “OH by the way you stink  A LOT, don’t you take like showers or something. Showers exist you know. YOU WOULDN’T DARE!”

“What? I’m not following!” Leo said exasperated.

“Sorry, cat again, that nasty little bugger…but you do smell. Haven’t you ever heard of hygiene?”

“Okay….look I’m just gonna go…” Leo stuttered, she was beautiful but not that beautiful.

“Hey wait, do you want a car?”

“What?” Leo stopped his tracks. A car? He could get a car!?

“Yeah, I could give you a car. Me and Jit found a car, do you want a car?”


“Perfect, but you gotta be my friend first.”

“Oh of course, like there really is a car.”  Leo scoffed.

“No there is, right in here.” She said pointing to her head. Leo sighed.

“And in the weird people’s garage.” Now that was more believable.

“Isn’t this where you live?”

“Sort of, but I’ll give you the car if you be my friend!”

“…fine.” It’s not JUST because of the car, she was just so desperate to have a friend, and his only friend was Kylee, all the other kids had just laughed at the fact that his father was in jail.

“Fine, I’ll be your friend.”


“Cool, look I gotta go, but I’ll see you later.” Silence. She just stared at him as if she didn’t believe him.

“Fine.” She said, before turning and walking away. Leo exhaled. God that was kinda scary!

Leo finally got to go on his “date” with Kylee at the beach.

“Hey Leo.”

“Kylee! You came!”

“Well of course, doofus. Why wouldn’t I have come?”

“Um…no reason. Look there’s something I gotta tell you, about Sam…” Leo started. Kylee immediately got worried.

“What is it?”

“I saw Sam, cheating on you.”

“What? No, you’ve got to be mistaken Leo, Sam wouldn’t cheat on me. He’s a good guy.”

“No, I’m serious he did, and uh…” Leo wasn’t good at this, he wasn’t sure if she was seeing through him, she was his best friend after all. “Look he’s not good enough for you, you like deserve better!” He’d seen this done in movies, it had to work.

“Leo? You okay?”

“I’m fine…it’s just um…I have to uh tell you something, Kylee…I…uh…” Not going so well!

“Leo just say it already!”  Was he really going to do this?

Yep, he did it.

All the kids were fairly well behaved. Selana spent most of her time searching for rocks or fishing or even just playing with her dolls in her room. Cole spent his time on the computer writing stories and as usual Patrick played with his pets. The only trouble maker was Aryssa. She did everything to disturb the household. Her usual evilness was to spill all her big brother Leo’s books on the ground or delete Cole’s stories, but today she went just a bit farther…

“ARYSSA!! MY BIRD! GET BACK HERE! GIVE ME BACK MY BIRD!!” Patrck screamed as he saw her exist his room.

Patrick came running out just as she’d released the bird. “ARYSSA WHY!?”

“Ah! Woah, you kinda scared me there Patrick.”

“Why did you do that? I’m going to tell mom, you’re so evil!” Patrick yelled before running away. Aryssa smiled as she was called evil, before running after her older brother.

“MOM!! Aryssa let my bird out! She set it free mom!”

“I’m sure it was an accident, Patrick…”

“NO mom she really did! She’s evil!”

“No I didn’t! He’s lying mom!” Aryssa countered back.

“Could you guys like shut up! I can’t hear the T.V.!” Cole complained.

“To hell with T.V.’s you shouldn’t even playing on it, heck mom why do we have a T.V., or a radio for that matter! You could get electrocuted, or worse they could become robots and control the world! I want to control the world!”

“Aryssa stop it! Go to your room, I’ll deal with you later!” Rosa said.

“But mom, the school bus is coming soon!”

“Right…” Rosa mumbled.

“Oh god finally!” Rosa exclaimed as the school bus came. She would have the res t of the day to herself, day off from work today!

“Bye Mom!” Leo said. Rosa was surprised with Leo’s new attitude. In the last few days, he’d had this smile on his face. Either way she was happy to see him happy.

That’s it thnks for reading!


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1 Response to Chapter 1.13 – New friend

  1. Aww Leo got his first kiss :3 And Rebecca seems interesting LOL

    And it seems Aryssa has an evil streak in her. Poor Patrick though for losing his bird :/

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