Chapter 1.12 – BIRTHDAYS!

Leo vaguely remembered his father and the birth of his brother. He remembered how he got a bit more attention and his father was mostly at work. He’d been fine with that. He’d always been able to talk to his parents if he wanted to. But now, his dad was in jail, his mom was either with the triplets or passed out in bed and his brother was always out at his favorite spots, outside of the house. He might have followed his brother, but the outside world was just…ugh!

Rosa felt horrible. She hadn’t left the house in what seemed like years, she felt all shriveled up and older than she’d ever felt before. She never saw her boys anymore, she barely managed to kiss them good night. And above it all Rosa had to teach the triplets the basic skills! So she decided to take a day off, use some precious money for a babysitter and just relax!

She got herself a massage (paid by her discounts) and pretty much just wandered around town. Stress free environment…with a lot of calling the babysitter. She couldn’t help it she was worried about the triplets!


“Rosa! Your hair!”

“Oh Bebe, I’m going crazy! I have to take care of the triplets and Alfie is in jail and I just can’t do it anymore, I’m seriously going to die soon, you gotta help me I-”

“Wait, wait, wait a second. Alfie is in jail? You have triplets!?”

“Yeah I just…I know you’ve missed a lot and-”

“Oh while we’re at it I got a baby girl named Maggie,”

“Really? That’s great!” Rosa sighed.

“Look you’re obviously under a lot of stress, so let me and Maggie move in with you I’ll help out and you’ll provide a home! How’s that sound? I have a few funds.”

“What about the father?”

Bebe shrugged it off. “Oh I didn’t tell him and he’s dating this other chick now.”

“Oh well, thank you soo much Bebe! I don’t know what I’d do without you!”

New room was added for Bebe and her baby.

And here’s Maggie with the traits Artistic and Clumsy.

The toddlers always spent time together and Maggie seemed to have a positive effect on the triplets. They certainly didn’t cry as much!

Patrick had searched high and low, but no matter how many times he went back to stony falls he never found the horses, but he found out there was another watering hole and he checked it out and stumbled onto 3 horses! The two he’d already seen before but there was another one there too!

Sadly he didn’t get any closer to touching them. They’d sniff his hand and then run away.

Even with Bebe around Leo still ended up helping a lot! Four toddlers for two adults was just too much. Leo’s friend Kylee had already grown into a teenager. He hadn’t, he really wanted to. He was jealous of her, and he really wanted to be able to use the big stove without his mom being scared of him burning himself.

Eventually Bebe’s help was making a difference. There was no more crying, toddlers were fed on time and life was actually going back to normal. Everyone was happy even Patrick when he was cleaning the bird cage! It was all going so well they almost forgot the upcoming birthdays. Though Leo for sure didn’t. Since he and toddlers were so close in age they were all going to age up together. It was going to get a bit crazy with five birthday cakes. So they’d decided to do one cake at a time.

Rosa had recently discovered Patrick’s habit of stalking horses and had forbidden him to do so. But she had given permission to go check out the new equestrian building in front of their house. He’d barely made it out the door when this dog just popped out of nowhere.

Being an animal lover, Patrick immediately befriended the dog. Dogs were much easier to pet than wild horses!

“Mom! Mom! Look! I found a dog! Can we please keep it, please, please, please!!???”  Patrick asked as he brought the dog inside.

After shooing the dog away angrily, Rosa stomped over to her son. “NO Patrick! You don’t bring stray dogs in the house, you’re siblings could get hurt!”

“But it was a nice dog mom!”

“No Patrick! I already let you keep your lizard and bird, you cannot have a dog!”

“BUT MOM!!!”

“That’s my final say Patrick! Now go clean your bird cage I can smell it from here.”

“Oh god Bebe, they’re asking for everything all the time!”

“I suppose this is a bad time to say I’ll be moving out once the kids grow up…”


“Yeah well, I came here to help you out and well, the kids’ll grow up and you won’t need me anymore.”

“Ohhh I’m going to miss you so much Bebe!”

“Hey don’t worry the phones still exist!”

BIRTHDAY TIME! (Bebe’s at work…)

Leo grew up! Added trait Natural cook (he’s so cute!!)

Aryssa, added trait Technophobe (interesting…)

Cole, added trait Computer Whiz (I just love the hat :D)

Selana, added trait Unlucky (aww poor girl)

Annnnd finally here’s Maggie! Added trait Light sleeper (lol I didn’t notice till now that her eyes were closed…oopsie :D)

And the end for this chapter! Thnks for reading!


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5 Responses to Chapter 1.12 – BIRTHDAYS!

  1. They’re all so cute. Even Maggie. Thankfully the diaper days are over. It’s going to be a lot easier from now on for her. I hope Alf gets out soon.

    And Patrick is adorable with the animals.

  2. Cami Elaine says:

    (Alright…as a random story stalker I have one thing to say: That is the cutest stray dog I’ve ever seen. 😀 Too bad mama didn’t let them keep it.)

  3. Madcapp says:

    I think as far as looks go Cole is my favorite mix. He’s too cute!

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