Chapter 1.9 – More?

“Patrick’s crying again!” Alfie yelled to his wife who was busy taking care of Leo.

“Well then take care of him!” She yelled back over Leo’s screams of complaints about his food. Alfie sighed.

“I didn’t want a baby in the first place,” He mumbled as he took care of Patrick. He might have said that, but Alfie still loved his second son. It was just the constant crying and crying and crying and hair tugging and pooping and asking for food, and this included little Leo. He was still as stubborn as ever when it came to food.

That’s why when Rosa told him she wanted yet ANOTHER one, Alfie nearly had a heart attack.

“What!? Ha ha, I get it your joking right? You’ve got to be joking, cause I’m sure you don’t want another one of this little monsters at our heels asking for everything all the time!”

“No I’m serious Alfie, I want another one.”


“Calm down Alfie it’s just a baby, they’re not that bad.” She said trying to calm him down.

“NOT THAT BA- I can’t…I just…of course they’re not that bad, because they loooovveee you, I’m just the father they’d like to send to hell!”


“No! I’ve had enough of this!” He raged storming into the bed room. Rosa sighed.

“Bebe I need you help!” Rosa exclaimed once Alfie had left for work the next day.

“What is it?”

“Alfie doesn’t want to have anymore children!”

“…so?” Rosa widened her eyes.

“So???  I want another one and he just says, no, no, no, they’re monsters which they aren’t!”

“Look, you already have two beautiful sons, why want more?”

“…okay maybe it’s because I want a girl. Is that such a problem?”

Bebe sighed. “No, of course not, but don’t think you should respect his op-”

“BEBE, I want another one!”

“Fine…I have an idea.”

“Look honey…”


“How about we don’t use the condom this time?” Alfie frowned.

“Really Rosa? You won’t get me so easily! I said I didn’t want any more children and that’s final!”

“OH don’t worry I’m taking birth control pills,” She cooed. Alfie eyed her suspiciously.

“Ooookaay…I’d still rather be on the safe side, you know just in case.” Alfie said, a sneaky smile playing at his lips, Rosa sighed. This wasn`t working the way it should be.

“It’s not working, Bebe, he’s not falling for it.”

“Hey, did you learn they built a bunch of pet stuff, the mayor has decided to introduce pets to the town.” Bebe said as she played her turn.

“Yeah, they’ve actually recently finished building an equestrian center right in front of my house. Replaced the fishing pond. But as I was saying its not working! I need more of your amazing advice.”

“I’m thinking of buying myself a few pets, maybe a bird certainly not a dog!”

“Bebe! I need your help!” Rosa nearly screamed.

“Ugh…fine. I had another idea.”

Just a few minutes later this guy died, in the park… I love the dramatic music when the grim reaper comes! (yes this is my first sim death)

Lolz and then she fainted.

 Happy Birthday Patrick!

OH GOD! What is up with the hair, I swear both the parents have no bloodline whatsoever so I have no idea where this hair color came from! Yes I`m pretty certain Alfie’s the father. Either way he has his father’s eyes.

“Pretty, pretty, pretty pleeeeaaassseeeeee!”

“No, Rosa and that’s final.”

“But now that Patrick has grown don’t you miss have a little baby?”

“No I don’t.”

“You want another brother or sister right Leo? Possibly a sister more…? Well don’t worry, if mommy’s plan work you’ll have a another sibling to play with, kay?”

“Mommy, no!”

“What are you talking about, my little scientist!” She said tickling Leo. He laughed and Rosa smiled. Any time now, she should be pregnant.

“And you, you’re gonna be my little athlete. I knew this the moment you kicked like a footballer in my stomach. I love you both so much. I really want another one.” Rosa sighed.

“Mommy, love!”

“Yup,” She kissed his forehead.

More children? Alfie wasn’t too sure.  He loved Rosa. He loved Leo and he loved Patrick. Was he ready for another one? He wasn’t sure, but he loved Rosa so much… he was willing to consider it. Yes, he’s going to consider it. Maybe after they’ve been married they could get another one. Maybe he’d be ready then. Either way, marriage wasn’t anywhere close. They didn’t have the funds for a wedding let alone rings. He wanted it to be perfect. Ha just imagining if they got pregnant again right now, they wouldn’t be able to survive! Alfie chuckled to himself before going back home.


“I have a gut feeling.” Rosa replied a smile spreading across her mouth.

“Hey buddy mommy tells me you’re going to be a little athlete! Can you say athlete?”


“Hah, well can you say baseball? You should be a little baseball champion!”


“Good job!” Alfie laughed as he tickled Patrick.

 “You’re going to have to train really hard to be an athlete, okay? And don’t worry daddy’s going to train you the whole way, kay?”

Patrick giggled and Alfie ruffled his hair. “Don’t worry there’s no pressure, you can be anything you want, but think athlete!”

Compared to his big brother, Patrick had no trouble eating his food, though he did prefer milk…

Okay this is not something Rosa normally does, especially not at night. Buuuuttt the ice cream truck was right in front and she had this craving for a fudge popsicle. Yes she was an adult but she still liked ice cream! Please don’t judge her…

“But Alfie, Leo’s birthday is tomorrow!”

“I know, and I’m really sorry but I gotta to work. We have this big thing. I can’t skip, it’s really big Rosa, it might just give us a lot of money. A lot of needed money.”

“Your son’s birthday!”

“Look I said I was sorry, this might be the event that will get us out of the hundreds! They’ll be other birthdays.” Rosa frowned worried.

“Just promise you’ll be careful.”

“I promise” He said kissing her than sliding under the covers.

“Hey birthday boy! Time to blow out your candles!”

“Daddy? Where Daddy?”

“He’s at work don’t worry you’ll see him later.” Leo made a pouty face.

“Now it’s your birthday!” She said tickling him. As he giggled Rosa looked up to towards the sky, boy was she angry at Alfie right now.


Added trait Neat

Leo had asked for a kid stove for his birthday. Rosa had hesitated, but then of course little scientists always mixed stuff together! Better this than a science table!

Umm….I’m just gonna leave you with this, I dunno what happened here…

Thnks for reading!


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3 Responses to Chapter 1.9 – More?

  1. Don’t trick him into having a baby, Rosa, that just screams bad news. Maybe now that Leo is a child, he’ll give in an agree to another child. And the kids are totally cute

  2. Madcapp says:

    Ugh Rosa really needs to get a handle on herself. She’s being very selfish in trying to force another child on Alfie. And they aren’t even married yet, she has that to be excited about but doesn’t seem to be.

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