Chapter 1.8 – Another one

Rosa immediately bought little Leo toys and spoiled him rotten. She even overfed him with cake of all things. alfie tried to tell her this would have a negative effect in the fututre, but he didn’t know Rosa was acting this way because she was overjoyed. She hadn’t confirmed she was pregnant, but she hoped with all her heart.

She did though go to the hospital to see if she was pregnant, they took a bunch of tests than said the results would take a few days. So while Alfie was at work, she spent the day teaching Leo to talk, her child was going to be a genious! He could maybe even be a scientist! From then on she always saw her little Leo in a white lab coat with cute science glasses.

Alfie had finally been promoted to level 3 of the criminal career! his life goal was to be a Master thief, but Rosa had made it clear he would NOT be a criminal at home, he would be a father. (he stuck a little pose there)

Little Leo was an adorable kid, except when it came to food. He was extremely picky. The food had to be perfect! And when it was he would stuff his face creating a big mess for mommy and daddy to clean up.

Then the results came in, she was pregnant!!!

Alfie was actually for the new baby. And the more he thoughts about it, the more the idea of a second baby didn’t seem that bad. He even started to find Rosa’s burps attractive. (don’t know what going on in that head of his)

For the next few months the household went into a sort of routine. Alfie worked twice as hard in his athletic career so he could farther in his job, which would mean more money, which would mean enough money to build an extra room for the child. While Alfie did that, Rosa took care of little leo and read up on some more pregnancy books. Every little thing worried her, every burp, kick and time she vomitted.

Alfie didn’t see his son much anymore (what with the double shifts and all) but when they did spend time together they were inseparable!

“Hey Rosa, I was just stopping by since we haven’t – OMG you’re pregnant again!” Bebe exclaimed.

“Yes! I’m sorry we haven’t talked as much, things started to change when I gave birth to Leo.”

“Ooh, is it a boy or a girl?”

“I don’t know, Alfie and I want to you know have the surprise and all. Hey do you want to come in?” Rosa asked.

“This is my fiance Alfie, Alfie I’d like you to meet a friend of mine Bebe-”

“You’re getting married!?” Bebe exclaimed.

“Well we haven’t really decided on a date yet so…” Rosa said glancing at Alfie.

“Well youg gotta invite me!” Bebe nearly screamed. They chatted a bit more before she had to leave.

Two months before her due date Rosa felt a kick. She’d felt a bunch of kicks, but this one was really strong. She couldn’t help but wonder if she had a little athletic kid in there. “Hey buddy, you coming out soon? You were supposed to be here two days ago!” Indeed Rosa was late, but the doctor had told her not to worry about it for the moment. Worse case scenario they’d have to force the babies out.

And the five minutes later, Rosa felt the contractions.

Rosa went to the hospital alone since Alfie had to care for Leo. Alfie couldn’t sleep, couldn’t do anything, but clean. He was nervous yet excited! he was going to have another child!!

Rosa gave birht to another boy, she named him Patrick and he was born with the triats Loves the outdoors and Athletic (:D I swear I didn’t know he had that trait!)

Alfie had to get rid of his workout room, they made it into Patrick’s room and added a playroom.

I’m just gonna end there, next chapters should be a tad longer I don’t want to make too many chapters!

Thnks for reading! And don’t be afraid to post a comment, that would be very appreciated!


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  1. I wonder how they’re going to cope with two babies. But I bet he’s cute. And I’m happy that Alfie has settled into the idea of being a father. How nice, it seems like he’s doing a great job too.

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