Chapter 1.5 – Taking it slow

Rosa had more than adored the kiss, but as their lips separated she saw Ethan angrily kicking down some flamingos. He had seen them.

Ethan then stormed in and forced the two apart. “You’re cheating on me? Really, with him??”

“You know what, I’ve got enough of you! This is it, I want you to pack up and leave my home, you are no longer welcome!” Rosa yelled frustrated.

“Pff! I don’t care, the only reason I went out with you was because he was interested! You were only good for the sex.” He replied.

“That’s it! You can’t talk to her that way!” Alfie said finally stepping in.

Ethan scoffed. “Finally stepping up did you! Took you awhile, let’s take this outside.”

They fough but sadly, it was Ethan whon. He spit at Alfie and gloated. (lolz, sleepy bubble)

What Ethan didn’t realise was that he hadn’t really won anything.

Somehow though at then end of it all Rosa still ended up being alone. She and Alfie had talked about it and did not want to take any big steps, like let’s say…moving in together. For real Rosa didn’t want that, but if that’s what Alfie wanted…

But Rosa was getting her life back in order, she quit her old criminal job, and she had a stable boyfriend.

As the weeks went by Rosa and Alfie’s relationship evolved.

And evolved some more…

Alfie even started sleeping over, but no matter, neither of them even brought the idea of moving in together.

To add to all that she’d gotten herself a new job as a spa specialist. Best part of this job, no criminals and awesome needed discounts.

The only downside was the food. She was still rather poor and for the last few days she’d been vomiting like crazy, because of all the food poisoning, of course.

A part-time job gave her the luxury to relax on the beach. Now she was putting on display a tatto. The only reminder of her past she was trying to get over. Her whole teenage hood had been ruined by a troublesome boy who hadn’t really cared for her. Moving to sunset valley, she’d gotten back into the criminal buisiness and went out with another horrible boyfriend. But now she was happy. If only it could be like this forever.

And during her relaxation, she met someone new. Bebe Hart was her name.

“Hey aren’t you that girl who cheated on Ethan?” The woman asked. Rosa was stunned into silence, she hadn’t really seen it that way.

“Oh don’t worry, I think he was a jerk and had it coming. You must be new if you actually went out with him.”

“Yeah I am new…but how did you recognize me?” Rosa asked.

“Well Ethan’s been spreading rumors about you and how you’re a slut and a bunch of other sutff. Because he was saying it, I knew you had to be a nice person and he probably cheated on you or something.”

“Uh…yeah sure,” Rosa mumbled, she didn’t feel like telling the truth to a potential friend just yet.

Whilst her life was afvancing fast, her garden wasn’t. It was still that one little lettuce plant.

And then Rosa discovered something that set a whole new path before her…

Thanks for reading!! 😀


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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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2 Responses to Chapter 1.5 – Taking it slow

  1. EEEEEEEEE they’re going to have cute babies. It is Alfie’s baby right? I guess I’ll find out :L

    And good on her for getting her life back together and for quitting. It shows how much she has grown as a character.

  2. Melanie Baker says:


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