Chapter 1.4 – Naughty Reputation

It was nice that they lived together now, was what Rosa kept repeating to herself, but it didn’t change that Ethan wanted to make out EVERYWHERE!

At the beach…

At the park…

On the bed…

And of course he wanted to do it constantly.

She felt like this relationship was going nowhere, he never wanted to talk or hang out anymore. Not only that, but she hated her job! The people there were evil and she just wasn’t her teenage self anymore, believe it or not she had matured.

So one day, Rosa took time off form work. Not too long ago, one of her coworkers had tried to grope her. Ethan sorta defended her, if shooing someone is defending.

And she treated herself to a massage, compared to her, Ethan had actually gotten promoted so she had enough money to buy herself this treat.

And then she found herself regretting. Regretting taking that job, regretting going out with Ethan, regretting moving in with Ethan. She found herself missing Alfie. She hadn’t seen him since Ethan moved in. Of she’d talked on the phone, but hadn’t seen him.

She was about to go back home when she saw Ethan talking to his mom, she walked over and “accidently” overheard their conversation.

“When are we gonna meet the lady son? Is it serious?” The woman asked.

“No it’s just this fling, remember Alfie?” Ethan replied.

“Oooh that little bastard!”

“Yeah well he has the hots for her, so you know im going out with her now.” The woman seemed to consider this.

“Don’t hurt her too badly son.”

Wait that meant…he was talking about…Then Ethan noticed her. “Rosa?” He asked surprised. It was the first time ine weeks he actually said her name, not ‘honey’, or ‘baby’, or ‘sugar’, and somehow that made it worse. She felt humiliated and angry.

Frustrated she had run back home and muddled this over on the bed. Then when Ethan came into bed with that familiar grin, she realized she REALLY did not want to have sex with him. So she told him “No”.

“What did you say?” She almost laughed, she was so proud of herself, she’d actually done it, she’d said no.


“I said NO! Is that so hard for you to understand?”

“You b*&%^! What’s wrong with you??” Rosa could only stare.

“Just because I said no to sex you start insulting me?”

“Oh baby, I’m sorry let’s make up!” He said leaning in for a kiss.

“Oh no you don’t, you’re sleeping on the ground tonight!” Rosa yelled. Ethan reluctantly walked away grumbling about wether it was worth it all.

And then the next day he made the mistake of asking her for sex again. “REALLY?”

“I’ve waited long enough woman, what is it that you want!?” He demanded, raising his voice.

“For you to start acting like a real boyfriend!” She screamed.

Then he slapped her. Holding her hand to her face she was silent waiting for him to apologize, but all she got was a glare. So she ran out of the house, away from him.

She ran to the only other person she knew, Alfie. She had camped outside his house till he came back from work. When he did see her she’d been eating a lettuce she’d harvested a while ago from her tiny garden.

He invited her inside and she told him all about what had happened with Ethan. It was nice to have someone to talk to.

Then he gave her a hug and cursed Ethan as Rosa enjoyed the sweet smell of his hair.

“Hey don’t worry, I’ll kick his ass for you!” He said holding her hands.

And then without any warning she kissed him.

Oh oh, Now Rosa has a naughty reputation! lol, hey can anyone tell me how to get rid of the sim needs bubbles?


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2 Responses to Chapter 1.4 – Naughty Reputation

  1. Did you get the answer for the sim bubbles? IF you didn’t type in the cheat box, “hideheadlineeffects on”
    I hope Alfie kicks his ass. He deserves it. What a snake.

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