Chapter 1.1 – First day

Hi and welcome to my first legacy just a quick intro to my first generation heir. Her name is Rosa Blams, and her traits are: good sense of humour, loves the outdoors, hopeless romantic, green thumb, easily impressed, and to finish off her lifelong wish is to have the perfect garden. So without further ado, here’s the story.

Rosa Blams had had a tough childhood, so when her great uncle died, and left her a piece of land, she saw the oppurtunity and took it. She gout out of that hellhole and into, what she hoped was a new beggining. But she got a big surprise. That precious pice of land was completely empty and she had little money in her pockets. At least there was a lot of gardening space.

First things first, she needed a job. Journalism was the only one hiring. She climbed into a taxi and drove off, trying desperately to not look at the big, beautiful, expensive houses.

But once she arrived, she noticed a broken down theatre down the street. It looked completely unsused. She was about to walk away when she suddenly saw movement. She immediately set off for the building.

She tried getting in the entrance, but it was near impossible there were too many shrubs and the door was barricaded.

She was about to give up again when she heard a “psst!”. She ran towards the sound.

Turning around the corner she arrived just in time to see a large metal door close. As she looked at the control pad she started to wonder. Was this a criminal’s hideout?

The moment she stepped closer the door opened as if on automatic, or maybe someone had opened it for her…

The moment she stepped in the door closed.

Rosa doesn’t exactly know why she went in or what exactly transpired in there. She was sent to a series of rooms, hooked to too many machines and asked wayu too personal questions. But through it all she had not been scared by the masked people with their guns and knives. You can thank her teenage hood for that. Somehow she left the dark building with a job. They had loved her, not many people found their hideout so easily, but they were still wary. They didn’t show their true faces and hired her as a decoy. They would test her loyalty first.

Slightly confused, and haunted by past memories, she did what she always did when her mind went floppy. She read about gardening.

Rosa had had enough, no matter how much she read she couldn’t get it out of her head that she had made a horrible mistake. She was heading back with the hopes of being able to quit. But once she got there she saw a man, the most attractive one so far.

Being the hopeless romantic that she was, she immediately turned on the charms not stopping to think about what this man was doing here.

She immeidately tried her pick up line, about vegetables of course, and surprisingly enough he responded!

Looking like he might be interested in vegetables, Rosa started chatting about them, after about fifteen minutes he cut her off, said “I gotta go,” and left.

But Rosa was fine, rejection was just a part of her love life. What wasn’t fine was the empty landscape.

So she bought herself the “essentials”. She had a little money left for emergencies.

Rosa was totally fine with drinking juice on the toilet…sorta.

First day hadn’t been that bad…

So hoped you guys like my first chapter 😀 Comments if you did 😉


About blamsart

♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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11 Responses to Chapter 1.1 – First day

  1. Jedidiah says:

    Hi there, I’m Jedidiah, I came here from Jax’ blog. Sorry for snooping around here, but I’m always on the look out for fresh legacies 🙂 I’m sure you notice that your picture links aren’t working. Are the pictures in your media on WP? You might have to repost the pictures again.

    • blamsart says:

      No problem, I’m happy someone was looking! Yes I have noticed and been trying to fix it, what do you mean by WP?

      • Jedidiah says:

        WordPress. SInce you have that first picture of your founder working, I take it that you have the rest of the pictures in your media here on WordPress. You might have to repost the pictures or re-insert them. O_O Not quite sure.

      • blamsart says:

        weird because I actually don’t have those pictures in my media folder (deleted them) and they still work fine. I don’t understand this. And the very last picture of my post shows fine.

      • blamsart says:

        It works now, I reposted them and now I can see them. Thnks!

  2. Jax says:

    Very nice start! I’m also glad to see you got your pictures working. Sorry I wasn’t much of a help… at all. Looks like Jed helped you out though 😀 Way to go buddy ^-^’

    Oh boy, why is she going for the bad guy route?? I don’t think that’s a very wise choice! But who knows? It could be pretty interesting. I wonder who that guy was and if he’s going to be anything more to her. Hmmm… guess I will have to see.

    • blamsart says:

      Thnks! 😀 I’m happy you liked it, I kept feeling that the snapshots didn’t go right with the text…

      heeheehee (excited that someone is reading and interested, lol)

  3. What a great start and thank you for the message about this. Your founder is very pretty too ❤

  4. Madcapp says:

    I like it! Looks like it’ll be an interesting story. 😀 Now to get caught up!

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